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Aloo: Klangbild (2011)


La discográfica Astor Bell, especializada en música electrónica y que gentilmente nos ofrece su material periodicamente para que lo evaluemos, acaba de editar su última referencia, la de este Dj-Músico alemán afincado en Polonia, Aloo, quien armado con sus samplers y sintetizadores, pone en la calle este disco que si eres aficionado a la electrónica, seguramente te gustará. Por cierto, como todas las referencias de Astor Bell, están disponibles para su descarga legal gratuita.

Aloo – Klangbild (2011)

“Armed with a sampler and a quiver full of assorted paint brushes, Aloo set out to create a collection of tracks transcending the ordinary boundary between visual and audial experiences. Subsequently, the outcome is an extraordinary EP bound to take you as a listener away from wherever you are and into the colorful and dreamy world of synthesizer driven synesthesia.
The poetic sense of the German word ‘Klangbild’ (‘Sound Image’) is not easily translated into English. Luckily Aloo has translated it for you into the universal language of dubby, dreamy, ambient flavoured electronica. Just close your eyes, press play and let it all make sense.
Aloo discovered the world of electronic music in the mid-nineties and has since been part of it in practically every sense possible. Starting off by dj:ing under different aliases and as part of different crews in his hometown of Erfurt, he later moved on to play a major part in building and running the drum’n’bass scene of eastern Germany by founding clubs and booking artists. Several institutions around the east can thank Aloo for being what they are, or at least what they were.
Today Aloo is a resident of Leipzig and channels all his experience and knowledge into producing original music, painting pictures and organizing techno events. The first two, however, are considered one practice: mirroring the abstract. The canvas and the music are merely different receptors of the same output. An image filled with sounds or sounds built of colors and shapes” (

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