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Filipe Alvim: Zero (Pug Records, Ep, 2013)

ZERO (EP) cover art

Hacía algún tiempo que no posteábamos nada del sello brasileño Pug Records, y el lanzamiento del Ep de Filipe Alvim, Zero, es la excusa perfecta para hacerlo.
La música de Alvim mezcla por igual música tropical típica de esas latitudes con el sonido Indie de los noventa y el Lo-Fi. Un corto Ep que te deja con ganas de más, especialmente tras escuchar cortes como Domingo.

Born far away from the Brazilian coast, Filipe Alvim is a 22-year-old unemployed who doesn’t know how to do anything, except creating sunshiny pop gems about teenage doubts. Merging 90′s guitars, groovy arrangements and sweet choruses, his languid ballads and little walls of noise will please boys and girls who believe that the next day can be more fun than the previous. ZERO, his debut EP, is an incredibly fresh juice, even if it’s made from fruits you already know, including a few bitter ones.
While a lot of Brazilian alternative bands are trying to sound tropical in order to – just like Carmen Miranda back in the 1940’s – make sense to foreign audiences, Filipe is talking to other youngsters who couldn’t care less about any of that stuff. Despite the radio-friendly production of this debut, his DIY instinct carried him to join Pug Records, home to some guitar bands recognized by their homemade noises” (Pug Records)

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