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Living in Colours – SOFT SCIENCE: Maps (Test Pattern, 2018)

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Pues otro pasito más. El tercer trabajo de SOFT SCIENCE es otra de esas coloridas paletas de color que tanto gustan por aquí. Un álbum en el que han superado sus inicios como banda más cercana al Dreamgaze para acercarse, a base de guitarras y melodías contundentes, al Pop de los noventa, vía Shoegaze o vía Emo. Un trabajo casi sin fisuras, de mensaje y disfrute inmediato; nada de extrañar teniendo en cuenta la nómina de influencias que mencionan en sus gustos personales: “Teenage Fanclub, Magnetic Fields, Smoking Popes, Lush, Ride, Buddy Holly, Ivy, Stereolab, Jesus & Mary Chain, The Zombies, My Bloody Valentine, The Ravonettes and many more…”

“Soft Science are following their celebrated release, Detour, with a new album titled Maps. The quintet’s third full-length release is their most polished to date as it captures more of the band’s raw live energy while still engaging the listener with the dreamy atmospheric reverberations that have become a hallmark of the band’s sound. The album features whirling guitars, airy vocals, and captivating melodies that will ring in your head long after your first listen. Maps is a complete work of 10 well-crafted songs, featuring a re-recording of the earworm track Breaking, and the albums first two singles, Undone and Sooner, that showcase the dream-gaze collective’s signature sound” (Press Note)

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The Luxembourg Signal / Soft Science: Split 7″ (Test Pattern Records, 2015)

Dos bandas del catálogo Test Pattern Records: The Luxembour Signal y Soft Science aúnan sus esfuerzos para ofrecernos este maravilloso sencillo compartido en el que podemos disfrutar a medias de la visión Dream de la Psicodelia y del Pop más elegante.

“Two of the dreamiest dream pop bands around have joined forces to produce this wistful split 7”! The Luxembourg Signal (ex-Aberdeen, Trembling Blue Stars) brings a stirring remix by Robert Hampson (LOOP/MAIN) of the stand out track Dying Star from their fantastic 2014 self-titled album on Shelflife Records. Soft Science (ex-Holiday Flyer, California Oranges) contributes their first new track since the release of their sophomore album, Detour, titled Breaking and it’s filled with vibrant pop hooks from end to end. It’s also their first release with new member Tony Cale (English Singles) on drums!” (Press)

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Soft Science: Light (Video-Single, 2014)

“The hunger and drive in this classic indie pop dreampop, a massive treat for Ride and Lushfans (i.e. the harder hitting, big beat side of shoegaze), is palpable.” So declared our inimitable leader, Jack Rabid, who awarded this Sacramento, California-based foursome’s new album, Detour, a coveted #2 ranking in Jack’s Top 40 listing in the latest Big Takeover #74 (order it here). “Nothing soft about this science; Detour is just wonderful.”

Needless to say, we are delighted to premiere the band’s new video, directed by Tyler Kinney. Click play and find out what’s got Mr. Rabid so excited! (The Big Takeover)


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Soft Science: Detour (Test Pattern, 2014)

Soft Science son una banda de Sacramento, California, experta en estas lides aunque como tal, Detour es propiamente su segundo trabajo, aunque hayan pasado trece años desde la publicación de su primer álbum. Anteriormente habían trabajado en otras bandas, por lo que no son nuevos en este negociado.
Pero he aquí que con Detour, los chicos han parido un trabajo delicioso. Un disco que combina, sabiamente, muchos de los palos queridos y admirados desde TJB: Noise, Shoegaze, BritPop… hábilmente mezclados, edulcorándolo todo ello con las dosis justas de electrónica en forma de teclados casi subliminales y la dulce voz de Katie Haley.
Una preciosa mixtura que encantará a seguidores tanto de Velocity Girl como de Darling Buds, LushTeenage Fanclub, Ride o Fonda, por poneros algunos ejemplos de los primeros que se me vienen a la cabeza, aunque personalmente los emparentaría directamente con éstos últimos. Un disco altamente adictivo, con el que vas a disfrutar desde los primeros instantes y que a buen seguro no podrás desenganchar de tu reproductor, si eres aficionado a los géneros antes mencionados. 

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Detour does not sound like an album created by a group of people who released their debut nearly thirteen years ago, and I can’t really think of a bigger compliment to give a band that makes the kind of energetic guitar pop that Sacramento’s Soft Science do. It might explain, however, why the band seems so aware of their strengths, in control of every melodic turn they take on Detour through ten songs that are uncomplicated but never under-thought.
There’s an old Britpop ‘fun fact’ that on Blur’s debut album, Leisure, singer Damon Albarn used ‘day/say/play’ rhymes nearly fifty times. That astonishing nugget jumped to mind with the first words Katie Haley sings on the opener, “Nothing.” “I gave it all away/now has come the day/there nothing left to….” But then, right when “say” seemed to be the obvious conclusion, Haley instead circled back with “give.” Coming from an album with Britpop in its DNA, it almost feels like a wink toward that kind of predilection for easy lyrical outs. Detour’s directness isn’t so simple. Projected against the music’s melodic rush, Haley’s lyrics throughout often deal with personal trials or more serious matters, adding weight to charging confections like “Feel” over repeated listens.
The second half of Detour kicks off with “Blue,” which sees guitarist Matt Levine ride a dirty chiming guitar line that sounds like a lost early Stone Roses B-side (that’s a sincere compliment, the Roses’ B-sides from that era were top notch) while Haley, bassist Mason Demusey, and drummer Ross Levine conjure Copacetic-era Velocity Girl. In general, Copacetic might be a good reference point for newcomers to Soft Science, in that they (much like Velocity Girl did) wield that British, Cadbury-sweet sensibility, but filter it through an American alt-rock approach. You can practically hear those two elements tugging back and forth from the verse to the chorus in “Gone,” or pushing together in the sleeper highlight “Matter.” Detour is one of those albums that show energy and maturity don’t have to be enemies in indie rock” (StereoSubversion)

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Soft Science: Feel (Video-Single, Test Pattern, 2014)

Guitar Indie Soundz


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