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Lou E: What Do You Do It For? (Beach Come, Single, 2016)

Tremendo sencillo que navega entre Lou Reed, Elliot Smith o cualquiera de los crooners contemporáneos. Es el debut del londinense Lou E.

“Pairing the song writing styles and lyricism of the likes of Elliot Smith and Lou Reed with intricate contemporary guitar work similar to Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Lou E’s work is intensely personal whilst retaining a refined and sincere feeling. In his own words, “Lou E is the chance for me to discuss issues, problems and worries that I’m far too British to talk about with everybody and nobody at the same time”.
This concern for a progressive dialogue is found in lead track ‘What Do You Do It For?’, which deals with faux-spirituality and it’s rise as a trend, the snide line of “go find yourself some more” a shot at those who return from foreign cultures with only a set of clichéd appropriations and a pair of harem pants to show for their travels. Turning on his own anxieties for the single’s B-side, ‘Next Time’, Milburn mourns a relationship that ended badly due to a lack of communication and honesty as he sings ‘Say next time for sure / When your heart is out the door’ as drums crash behind him” (Press)

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