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The Cherry Dolls: Crystal pistol (Single, 2014)

The Cherry Dolls comprises of five enigmatic young men who exuberate the timeless charm of authentic musicians; Joshua Aubry (vocals), Lachie Gilmour (guitar), Jacob Kagan, Mick Byers (bass) and Jimmy Leahy (drums).
Their influences behind their music come from the legendary likes of The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Velvet Underground and early Kings of Leon, but once you’ve had an audible taste of their latest single ‘Crystal Pistol’ you will find they have created a sound that is refreshingly their own.

An inhale of fresh air (and many other substances) on the rock n’ roll scene that will stand the test of time. So for those of you who still appreciate what wholesome music is all about – do yourselves a favour and consume the very latest, but certainly not the last, musical delicacy from The Cherry Dolls, ‘Crystal Pistol’.


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