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Low Litas: Low Litas (2014)

Con un nombre como éste, era impensable que no desviara mi atención hacia el disco de debut de este trío de Tulsa. Un trabajo que (sinceramente) tampoco nos va a descubrir nada nuevo: mucho Noise, mucho guitarreo Grunge a lo Veruca Salt, pero una cierta escasez de temas redondos o construidos con esmero. Más fuego de artificio que munición real.

“It’s an album predicated on love and vulnerability; lust, hostility and melancholy are all swirled into one maelstrom of guitar fuzz and piercing lyrics. Larsen and Pitchlynn stand virtually invincible together, ready to quell, conquer and overcome each and every trouble the two should face, hand in hand and note for note.
It’s possible to write such songs with strangers or friends, but it’s much easier when the bonds run deeper, as heard in standouts like “So Sure,” “Leave the Rest” and “Knocked Up Cheerleader.” They — and the bulk of the self-titled record’s offerings — aim for the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Pixies and Slowdive and succeed because of the fervent passion and desire at the core of it all. It’s the opposite of hollow gestures; these are densely real and emotional cuts that play like deep, late-night conversations about the possibilities of life and love.
Opener “Busted” is a little lankier and tonally stale, at least in comparison to the strong string of nine songs to follow. “Closer” is a little awkward at first, too, before quickly finding its footing and eventually contributing some of the biggest moments of the record as a whole. “Go On,” however, is Low Litas at their very best: ’90s college- rock guitar twitches collide with a towering shoegaze composition in a way that suggests the band will thrive well beyond state borders.
“Go On” is followed by the quiet, acoustic-based refrain (and album closer) “Delores,” a pairing that becomes a literal demonstration of what and who Low Litas are, unmasking a tough, confident strata of noise to reveal the sweetly sensitive soul at its center” (Oklahoma Gazette)

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