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THE POPGUNS: Carrying the Fire (Ep, Matinée Recordings, 2019)

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“Borrowing its title from Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins’ autobiography, the ‘Carrying the Fire’ EP from English legends The Popguns is a space operetta that imagines a higher intelligence welcoming humans into space with advice to put their faith into reason if they want to succeed.
It begins with a piano prelude before the guitar-rock title track ‘Carrying The Fire’ erupts with barely controlled power. The higher intelligence wonders ‘What Do You Seek?’ before orbit is established and the ‘Laws Of Motion’ narrated by the very distinguished David Brand plays to a hypnotic backdrop of electronica. The operetta finishes on a light-hearted note with an acoustic bar-room sing-along ‘Drop Me Off In The Ocean’ which compares the return journey to your basic Friday evening commute home whilst looking forward to a beer in the bar.
‘Carrying The Fire’ and ‘Laws Of Motion’ also appear on the WIAIWYA compilation CD ‘The Moon And Back’ celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing” (Matineé Recordings)

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So long – THE POPGUNS: Sugar Kisses (Matinée Recordings, 2017)

“The album begins with the infectious title track—an unrestrained but moody minor key bouncer with its hopeful Dover Beach inspired refrain of “love, let us be true”—followed by glam-rocker ‘We Don’t Go Round There Anymore’ and breeze-pop classic ‘So Long.’
‘A Beaten Up Guitar’ is a brilliant, straight down the middle power-pop blaster which delivers an outrageous bass driven rush through to a final breathless denouement of harmonized vocals.
‘Out On The Highline’ is a sultry Sunday morning slowie, while ‘A Dream Of Her Own’ boasts jangling guitars, a singalong chorus and plenty of ba-ba-ba’s. ‘The Outsider’ is a menacing slow burner that contrasts nicely with the power pop of tongue-in-cheek ‘Gene Machine’ which explores the forces of evolution at work on our biological clocks.
‘Fire Away’ is a dream for the pun-writers and a lot of fun as Wendy gets to tell some pub-bore “I’ve had a drink, but not enough tell you what I think, so Fire Away.” The album concludes with pop classic ‘Finished With The Past’ with its bristling mass of guitars and, in the last verse, surely Wendy’s most passionate vocal ever, ending the album on a thrilling high.
Surely this is the perfect British guitar pop album that The Popguns promised all those years ago when they first appeared in Peel’s Festive 50 and on the 90’s indie dancefloors” (Matinée Press)


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The Popguns: Still waiting for the winter (Matinée Recordings, 2015)

“Fantastic new EP from celebrated British band The Popguns!  Lead track ‘Still Waiting For The Winter’ is one of the highlights from the band’s critically acclaimed ‘Pop Fiction’ album.   A stunning showcase of dual female vocals, jangling guitars, and melodies galore, the song is a reflective journey of nights out on the Brighton seafront and the conflict between yearning for the past and living for today.   
 The EP also features three exclusive new tracks that spotlight the incomparable Popguns vocals with stripped back arrangements.  ‘BN3’ is a gorgeous slow time waltz with carefully strummed acoustic guitars and lead vocalist Wendy Pickles telling the story of a sporting romance played out at Hove County Cricket Ground. ‘Why You Fell In Love With Me’ is sung with a heartfelt lilt by Kate Mander and has a relaxed country feel and ace harmonies.  Finally, ‘Diane’s Song’ continues the Chet Baker theme started on ‘Pop Fiction’ album track ‘Alfa Romeo’ with an absolutely glorious tune that would make Bacharach and David proud” (Press)


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The Popguns: Pop fiction (Matineé Recordings, 2014)

“Highly anticipated and absolutely superb new album from legendary English band The Popguns!
Purveyors of heartfelt, uncomplicated pop music, carried by melodies and vocals that go straight to the heart, the group’s debut single ‘Landslide’ in 1989 was voted into John Peel’s Festive 50 and a rush of brilliant singles and albums over the next six years assured the band a well-deserved place in pop history.
Recently the four original members reformed along with a new drummer and backing singer and this year has seen them play to enthusiastic audiences in London, Paris, Berlin, New York, and the prestigious Indietracks Festival.
The first Popguns album since 1996, ‘Pop Fiction’ is a truly magnificent return. Epic album opener ‘City Lights’ begins with a chiming guitar intro that builds into dreamy vocals telling a tale of misplaced affections and the alluring lights of the big, bad city, accompanied by some especially dazzling melodies. Meanwhile, ‘If You Ever Change Your Mind’ is a classic three-minute power pop tune with a wicked hook and a little twist in the tail. The song was inspired in part by an episode of the Danish political drama ‘Borgen’ and is a stunning showcase for the incomparable vocals of Wendy Pickles.
The album continues with the immediate pop hit ‘Lovejunky’ which was released earlier this year as a limited red vinyl 7” single. It’s a glorious song with soaring vocals, driving guitars, an insanely catchy chorus, and marvelous harmonies. Next, a long acoustic intro for ‘Still Waiting For The Winter’ showcases dual female vocals before the rest of the ‘Guns arrive for a reflective journey through a vignette of Popgun nights out on the Brighton seafront. The song references the band’s second single and live favorite ‘Waiting For The Winter’ from 1989, giving long-time fans even more to smile about.
‘Alfa Romeo’ is a single contender inspired by the fascinating story of American trumpeter Chet Baker, and the mood of the song perfectly fits the romantic image of the unimaginably cool Baker in his Alfa Romeo on the boulevards of San Francisco, Paris and Rome.
Side two of the album opens with the slow burner ‘Out of Sight’ with its tom-tom intro providing the base for some ethereal feedback guitar and gorgeous layered vocals. It’s an altogether different side to The Popguns as they sink into the divine sound of a long distance love affair quietly beating on a rainy Wednesday night. This segues into the sparse backing track of ‘Not Your Night Tonight’, which lets Wendy’s voice be heard in its full beauty with lyrical shades of Lou Reed and Bob Dylan and some beautifully twinkling keyboards.
‘Leaning on the Backline’ is a proper up-tempo indie guitar track and a nostalgic look back to the late 80s and the people and places around the band at that time, while ‘Something Going On’ sits perfectly beside any track from that time period as a classic Popguns song with Wendy’s vocal delivery leaving no doubt that this is still someone not to be messed with! Finally, ‘I’ll See You Later’ is a celebratory sign off to the album with The Popguns getting as close to rock as they probably ever will with some solid guitar riffs.
Utterly accomplished and bursting with confidence, ‘Pop Fiction’ is that great pop record The Popguns always promised when they formed 25 years ago and an absolutely spectacular return for the band. Pop perfection indeed!” (Press)

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The Popguns: Lovejunky (Matineé Recordings, Single, 2014)

“A very welcome return for legendary British band The Popguns!  Hailing from Brighton, England, the band’s debut single ‘Landslide’ was released in 1989 on the hip indie label Medium Cool Records and voted into John Peel’s Festive 50 by listeners of the BBC Radio 1 show.  A rush of brilliant singles and albums over the next six years assured the band its place in indie history before they went on extended break.  
Sometime in 2012, the four original members reformed along with a new drummer and backing singer for a series of gigs and this year has seen them play to packed venues in London, Paris, Berlin, and New York, as well as the prestigious Indietracks Festival.  
To commemorate this new activity, the band recently recorded its first new songs in 18 years for this exclusive 7” single.  Lead track ‘Lovejunky’ is an immediate pop hit with incomparable soaring vocals from Wendy Pickles, driving guitars, an insanely catchy chorus, and superb harmonies.  An absolutely glorious comeback, the song is a preview of a new Popguns album ‘Pop Fiction’ scheduled for release later this year.  
The single also features two exclusive b-sides that will not appear on the new album. ‘Long Way To Fall’ is another power pop hit that could have been a single on its own.  It has more of those signature Popguns vocals plus multiple loud guitars, fantastic melodies, and a fierce drumbeat. Final track ‘Home Late’ showcases an altogether more melancholy side of the band, with carefully strummed acoustic guitars and chiming female harmonies among its many charms” (Matineé Recordings)


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