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THE PROCTORS: Letters to the girl (Shelflife Records, Ep, 2019)

A long and a flourish life to JANGLE POP !! 

“Letters To The Girl is destined to become an future guitar pop classic. It’s coated in sunbathed jangly guitars, an incredibly catchy chorus, and Gavin and Margaret’s lovely whispy boy-girl vocals. Their Byrds-esque melodic guitar lines create a love affair with each listen. The B-side Footsteps is a glorious pop song filled with layers of synth and guitars that recalls some of Northern Picture Library’s foundest moments” (Shelflife)


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The Proctors: Seven Wonders (Demo, Dufflecoat Records, 2014)

The Proctors continúan haciendo música de ensueño…


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The Proctors: Everlasting light (Shelflife, 2013)

Los amantes del Jangle estamos de enhorabuena con la edición de discos como éste: un precioso canto a las guitarras cristalinas, al sonido de las Rickenbackers, a las melodías perfectas y estribillos universales (Perfect world). Un regreso a lo grande de una banda veterana. Un guiño constante a los sonidos de Sarah Records, a The Byrds, a los primeros (y añorados) Primal Scream, a House of Love (su guitarrista colabora en algunos temas), a Field Mice… Un disco precioso para esperar un mundo perfecto.

The Proctors‘ 2013 album Everlasting Light is their first since 1995’s Pinstripes & Englishmen, and judging by the sound of it, barely a day has gone by in their world. The Proctors play their indie pop very classically, in the time-honored style of bands like the Razorcuts, the June Brides, and “Gentle Tuesday”-era Primal Scream. One can expect great big jangling guitars over crisp drums, washes of synth coloring in the background, and heart-felt vocals upfront detailing all kinds of tiny heartbreaks. Count on upbeat songs that jangle politely, slow sad ballads that wrench tenderly, but mostly very pretty songs that are quite nostalgic and very, very autumnal. Yes, it’s been done before. Many, many times before. Rarely as well as The Proctors do it here though. Gavin Priest knows how to write sad, catchy songs, he knows how to arrange them for maximum emotional impact, and Ian Catt‘s steady hand at the helm means the record sounds just right. Priest also possesses a voice like the Field Mice‘s Bob Wratten, incredibly intimate but able to transmit the most tender feelings in a way anyone who’s ever had a heart broken can understand. Margaret Calleja‘s sweet backing vocals and harmonies help out in that way too, making sure the album never gets too moody and insular.Everlasting Light does create a mood though, one a Field Mice fan will understand and love; one that fans of well-written, well-played indie pop from C-86 to right now will want to investigate. The Proctorsmay not be doing anything new, but they make the old stuff sound pretty great” (All Music)

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The Proctors: Perfect world / I need to tell you (Single, 2012)

Un singlecito para alegrar vuestros oídos. The Proctors fueron una banda que tuvieron una efímera existencia allá por el período 1993-1995, cuando llegaron a editar dos singles y un Ep para el sello norteamericano Sunday Records. Tras un paréntesis muy largo de tiempo, en 2009 reaparecieron con algunos temas para Cloudberry Records, y en este 2012 editan un nuevo sencillo en esta ocasión para Shelflife. Ni que decir tiene que las compañías para las que graban son las ideales para registrar ese tipo de sonido que caracteriza a The Proctors: Jangle-Pop cristalino y arpegiado arropado de tremendas armonías vocales y perfectas melodías. El sonido de la Rickenbacker de doce cuerdas elevado a los altares. Es duro ver cómo bandas como The Pains of Being Pure at Heart triunfan con un sonido que tú ya habías inventado hace quince años.
Puedes encontrar el single pinchando en la página de Shelflife o en su Bandcamp.

The Proctors – Perfect world / I need to tell you (Single, 2012)

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