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Like Pioneers: English Garden (Single, 2010)


Un formato de banda que estamos acostumbrándonos a ver bastante últimamente es la de un colectivo formado por varios miembros de otros grupos que esporádicamente se reunen para dar forma a un nuevo proyecto. Es el caso de Like Pioneers, un colectivo de músicos del área de Chicago, miembros de bandas como Bound Stems, The Narrator, Chin Up Chin Up o Vacations. Juntos han dado forma a un álbum titulado Piecemeal, que puedes encontrar en su Bandcamp a un precio de risa. Además, acaban de editar un single muy apañado titulado English Garden, que sí que puedes descargar de forma gratuita y legal, y que es el protagonista de nuestro post. Un tema muy Chamber-Pop, que como su propio título indica, tiene un aire inglés (o más bien escocés de Belle and Sebastian) muy interesante. Pincha, como siempre, en el enlace central para encontrarte con los sonidos de Like Pioneers.

Like Pioneers – English Garden (Single, 2010)

“Favorite pioneer: Meriwether Lewis or William Clark?

I’m a Lewis fan; he was a complex guy. He had a really weird background. He was manic-depressive. There’s a controversy on whether he killed himself or was murdered in this hotel in Tennessee. I like him because he’s the more interesting of the two.

Did you play a lot of “Oregon Trail” growing up?

[Laughs] Yeah, we’ve had a lot of “Oregon Trail” jokes in the band. I used to see how fast I could kill myself, which is kind of morbid for a child.

Speaking of endings, what happened with Bound Stems?

People had different goals within the band, and it just seemed like a natural thing to stop playing. We made some good music together and were happy with what we were able to do.

I imagine it was difficult to retire a name you spent seven years building up.

It was weird to all of a sudden not be in a band. I thought I was done playing music. I didn’t know that I would go back to it. It was a surprise that this project ended up taking shape the way that it did—especially with four members of Bound Stems in the band now. That was not the original plan. It was totally happenstance that it came together the way it did.

Hence the album title, “Piecemeal.” Yet the sound on the record is incredibly cohesive.

Everything kind of came together naturally. We were all familiar with each other and how we played, so there was certainly a lot of common ground even though this was a new project. I think that made it easier to make it sound so cohesive.

Did you have a clear idea of what you wanted to do going in? Or did things take shape as you gathered these songs?

It took shape as we gathered the songs. We went into the studio with skeletons and sketches and then kind of hoped for the best. We got it all tracked in three days on a long weekend in early December of 2009 [at I.V. Lab Studios] and mixed it a month later. It was exciting to have the songs tell us what they sound like.

You teach high school history now. Have you always been a history buff?

I grew up in Duxbury, Massachusetts, which is right next to where the pilgrims landed in Plymouth. Being from that area, I was a history geek from day one. I grew up with it in my blood.

Do you have a favorite historic landmark?

I like Standish Monument, which is in Duxbury. Myles Standish was the guy that played that take-charge, John Smith role in the New England colonies. I like his monument; it makes me miss home. I like Plymouth Plantation too. It’s this cheesy kind of re-enactor place, but I loved it.

Did you ever get a chance to work as a re-enactor?

[Laughs] Unfortunately, no. Maybe if we hadn’t moved [when I was 10 years old] I would be living in a makeshift home in the colony of Plymouth now.

Back to “Oregon Trail”: Did you ever make it all the way cross-country?

I don’t believe I did. I always used the excuse, “Oh, I’m just trying to kill myself. I’m not really trying,” but I think the truth is I was just upset that I didn’t have the skills to actually make it to Oregon” (

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