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Bridges – GOOD MORNING, DAYDREAMER: Rinse and Repeat (2019)

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“Rinse and Repeat” is the debut release from Marc Neibauer’s newest group, Good Morning, Daydreamer. Formed around a collection of songs that serve as the spiritual successor to his 2013 solo effort “Don’t Fall Apart”, Neibauer’s newest work displays all the hallmarks of his other efforts as well as his recent project My Home is the Sea. Elegant melodies, swirling guitars and elemental lyricism are a constant but here there is a focus on the ensemble’s deep connection rather than MHITS’ electronic explorations. These new efforts demand acknowledgement for Neibauer’s collaborators and their unique voice. Chiemena Ukazim’s understated virtuosity on the 8-string guitar compliments Neibauer’s spiraling guitars while longtime collaborator Robert Rouse adds drama and energy behind the drum set. “Rinse and Repeat” is an enticing first peek at more great things to come out of Philadelphia in 2019″ (Press Release)

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Marc Neibauer: Summer (Single, 2014)

“As the season comes to an end, “Summer” is my look back. Perhaps my most relatable and accessible song to date, “Summer” is about the need for adventure out and the fear of being left behind. A wall of guitars and huge primal drums propel “Summer” and make it’s infectious chorus soar. Yet for all its energy and optimism, “Summer” highlights our simplest doubts. We’re all scared of missing out on something special before the season passes us by”


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Marc Neibauer: Come on man (Single, 2014)

Muros de sintetizadores, voces etéreas, un cierto aire taciturno en el ambiente… son algunas de las señas de identidad de este último sencillo de Marc Neibauer.


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Marc Neubauer: Cowards get what they deserve (Single, 2914)

El último sencillo de Marc Neibauer se llama Cowards get what they deserve. En él Marc nos descubre un lado íntimo, construido en base a arpegios bien armonizados. Para seguidores de Grandaddy, Sunny Day Real Estate… Un precioso sencillo anticipo del que será su álbum de debut: Don´t fall apart, previsto para esta primera mitad de año.


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