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Disco Sweden – STARS IN COMA: Chalet Saudade (Moonport Recordings, Single, 2017)

“The track starts out as a modern DIY disco song, with resentful lyrical lines about Trump, endless news flow and modern life. By the time we get to the chorus, the song transforms into a schlager-like anthem with chants about simpler times. As we all know, pure nostalgia offers no solution, prompting the character of the song to ‘drink myself to sleep’. However, by the end of the song, he decides it’s better to stay alive and ‘take it all in,’ even if the time he lives in only provide terror and gloominess” (Press)


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Stars in Coma: Tricks (from The Confessional Sun, 2014)

Stars in Coma’s sixth album Confessional Sun deals with emotional conflict and fragmented childhood memories following the death of André Brorsson’s father in 2012. ”After my dad passed away, I was quite naturally in shock, but soon I began to write all these songs with different takes on the subject,” Brorsson, the singer, songwriter and producer of the Swedish indie pop band, recalls. Working on the album, Brorsson was largely inspired by the vinyl listening sessions he shared with his dad in his youth. ”He used to play me all this different kinds of music, everything from old progressive music to cheesy 80′s pop collections. I kind of wanted that to be reflected in the music on this album,” Brorsson says.
The album kicks off with the yearning ”On the Hill,” a mental postcard from Sacré-Coeur in Paris, France. ”Tricks” combines super-groovy rhythms with surreal lyrics and pop melodies, while a song like ”By the Memorial Urn” sounds like a modern distillate between the best Swedish schlager hits and old forgotten disco songs from the 70′s. The sweet folk pop sound of ”Borders,” on the other hand, provides a counterweight to the rest of the album’s intense soundscape” (Press)


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Stars in Coma: You´re still frozen in time (2008), Music is my girlfriend


Debut discográfico para esta banda sueca liderada por André Brorsson, que empezaron a rodar en 2007, tras una carrera en solitario de su líder. El disco se compone de antiguas canciones de André y de nuevas composiciones para el grupo. Pop de melodías, sencillo, sin demasiados arreglos, con teclados retro-setenteros presentes en casi todos los temas, baterías programadas y ritmos alegres. Pop sin demasiadas complicaciones ni estridencias de ningún tipo.
descargar el álbum pinchando en su portada.


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