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Fou de Toi: Island (Single, 2014)

Si alguna vez creamos algo así como un arquetipo sobre el Pop escandinavo (máxime hace unos cuatro o cinco años), Fou de Toi continúan haciéndonos sentir esas sensaciones que vivimos en su momento:

“One day a couple of years ago I was fed up with writing all these melancholy songs. Usually it’s good to write them cause they help you deal with the mess that goes through your mind. But this time instead I thought like, why don’t write the happiest song and thereby try to picture yourself in that state of mind.
This song is simply about love and sunshine, no hate or clouds. The title popped up in my head when I had to name the project on my computer. I guess I just wanted to dream myself away or something. So, this is “Island”.”

Canciones sencillas, bellas, de estribillo adherente y de contenido melancólico…: Nordic Pop!!


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