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The Vandelles: Swell to heaven (Single, 2013)

Swell to Heaven cover art

Pasa el tiempo, pero The Vandelles continúan a lo suyo: al sonido Surf convenientemente ensuciado con pedales de distorsión a ritmo cercano a lo inaudible. Los neoyorquinos son viejos conocidos de TJB, y este último sencillo merece la pena ser reseñado, máxime cuando los chicos han decidido ofrecerlo en descarga gratuita. El vídeo es, además, muy divertido.

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The Vandelles: Summer fling (Ep, 2011)

Pese a lo que pueda parecer oyendo su disco, este Ep que representa el segundo lanzamiento discográfico de su carrera: Summer fling (Ep, 2011); e incluso viendo las portadas de ambos, The Vandelles no son californianos ni de ningún estado con playas ni chicas bronceadas. Su música está facturada en la nueva Meca de la música: Brooklyn. Los neoyorquinos son unos auténticos enamorados de la música de raíz Surf, sí, pero adornada, o más bien, filtrada a través de sus pedales de distorsión, y de su visión distorsionada del Pop. Aunque también le dan al Pop sesentero a la manera de The Raveonettes. E incluso también les sale su vena más oscura. Un Ep de lo más completo, que no está de más recordar aunque hayan pasado los meses. Los amantes del Noise-Pop nos lo agradecerán. En él se incluyen, por cierto, dos covers: Losing touch with my mind (Spacemen 3) y Aloha from hell (The Cramps). La elección de las mismas dice mucho de por dónde va el disco.

The Vandelles – Summer fling (Ep, 2011)

“As a Midwesterner, I’ve always had a tendency to romanticize summer, to search for that right mood-music come final spring thaw. At that point, all bets are off: bands I might ignore in less forgiving seasons will feel at home on my stereo come June. And maybe it’s only the Midwesterner in me longing for more than the typical grey of the skies, but perfect summer music should fit hand in hand with unattainable fantasy, with nostalgia for an imagined past (the beach, convertibles, boys, and bikinis) rather than my real summer memories (lying on the floor, watching reruns). The Vandelles’ new EP, Summer Fling, caught my ear for precisely that reason; it’s a well-executed surf-rock throwback meant to soundtrack your picture-perfect summer, whether it’s a reality or not.
The Brooklyn-based Vandelles, who released their first self-titled EP last year and subsequently earned spots at CMJ and SXSW, aren’t doing anything new, but they’re having a lot of fun doing it. Summer Fling is ‘60s-inspired rock merged with shoegaze guitar, a sound that instantly recalls a band like the Raveonettes, except without so much overt kitsch. It’s easy to feel bored with the amount of Jesus and Mary Chain/early My Bloody Valentine imitations making the blog and festival rounds these days, but Summer Fling is charming enough to forego knee-jerk dismissals. Its appeal lies solely within how short, casual, and perfectly balanced it is. Without working too hard to replicate any specific sound and washed in the same warm nostalgia as its familiar but broad range of predecessors,Summer Fling is a slapdash tutorial in summer, er, flings. And that’s about it.
The whole of Summer Fling, as you’d probably expect, is fuzzy and reverb-heavy, with occasional moments of chiming clarity—at times similar to a band like Beach Fossils if Beach Fossils made party music instead of lost-soul headphone stuff. “Get Around” kicks off with some woo-oos, some garage-punk guitar, and all the tremolo one could ask for. Jason Schwartz and Lisha Nadkarni’s nicely harmonic vocals are a bit low in the mix, so it’s difficult to make out what they’re saying. One can assume, however, that it has to do with season-long dalliances that end with the first cool autumn breeze.
“My Time” is the EP’s highlight—here the Vandelles tone down the noise and head straight for jugular, allowing heart-tugging, swooning guitar lines to crop up between verses. The track begins with a gentle, tropical-ish riff and builds steadily into soaring verses. “I can feel it comin’ when I close my eyes,” Schwartz sings, talking about love, surely, but also the feeling of waking up slowly on that fateful, first true summer day. “I’m just another of your summer guys,” he adds, his tone betraying more joy than regret. “My Time” really hits a sweet spot at its chorus, which explodes into unintelligible, megaphone vocals; the song loses itself without drowning.
“My Time” arcs assuredly into “Summer Fling,” which is more predictable but executed with its chorus of do-do-dos and half-sunny riffs. Nadkarni’s ethereal vocals take center stage for about half of the track, but it’s Schwartz’s distant, fuzzed-over tenor that anchors the song. In keeping with this EP’s tossed-off air, the Vandelles have included two covers here, which, surprisingly, mesh tightly with the EP’s overall vibe. The first is a faithful reproduction of the Cramps’ “Aloha From Hell,” flavored with standard creepy-beach-party lunacy, and the second is a more shambling take on Spaceman 3’s “Losing Touch with My Mind,” just menacing and sexy enough that it offsets the sweetness of the earlier tracks perfectly. After all, even a carefree afternoon in the surf can have its dark side. And even if a little EP about the summer may be just a trifle, the summer isn’t a time for heavy things. Summer Fling will offer you something buoyant, not weigh you down, and that’s a feeling we can all appreciate, even if it lasts just eighteen minutes, or a season, or no time at all” (

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The Vandelles: Del Black Aloha (2009)

Que el Noise está de moda es un hecho más que constatado, y lo es aún más en los Usa, donde infinidad de bandas están tirando de pedales de saturación y de overdrives hasta decir basta. La última aportación que hemos encontrado por la red son los neoyorquinos (de Brooklyn, cómo no) The Vandelles, una banda que hace del ruido su bandera. Sin ningún tipo de contemplaciones, se han marcado un Lp de doce canciones donde apenas si hay respiro. Una continua sinfonía Noise sin paliativos, mezcla continua de diversos estilos: Punk, Surf, Garage, Shoegaze, Twang… Algo así como si a los hermanos Reid les hubieran caído veinte años menos, mezclándolos con Link Wray, The Raveonettes, Sonic Yoth y los Ramones. Todo ello aderezado con ciertos arreglos vocales tipo Shangri-Las o The Beach Boys. Todo un trallazo de disco que hará las delicias de todos los amantes (como quien escribe) del género y donde nos encontraremos con auténticos muros de distorsión en temas como Dash´n´Dive, Get down, Lovely weather, Going downtown, Bomb the surf, California killer, Bad Volcano… Tan sólo en tres temas bajan algo el pistón: Chain walking, Blue La strip y Die for it cowboy. Mejor oírlo para hacerte una idea exacta. Muy recomendable.

“Think The Jesus and Mary Chain. Think Skywave. Think The Raveonettes. Think The Cramps. This is less indiepop and more straight up leather jacket wearing rock’n’roll.” (
“The sound is pretty much exactly what I would have hoped for from a band called The Vandelles. Just the right amount of classic surf guitar and girl group influence running straight into a solid wall of shoegazer noise.” (squaregirls )
The Vandelles take us on a fuzzy, feedback-fueled trip down memory lane with their ghostly vocals and itchy riffs. A sound reminiscent of the epic early 90’s alternative rock scene with a earnest hint of John Doe from X, and a dash of old, noisy Sonic Youth. The Vandelles create a unique and nostalgically fresh sound that plucks at our music-lovin’ heartstrings in more ways than one.” (L’etoile Magazine)

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