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Netherfriends: Mom cop (2009), Emergency Umbrella

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Netherfriends: Calling you out (Ep-2009), Emergency Umbrella

Comenzamos semana con el segundo disco pequeño de esta banda de Chicago, Illinois: Netherfriends, un combo especializado en algo así como un Pop-Psicodélico, de complejas instrumentaciones, letras bizarras y ejecución elaborada. Una especie de Alter-Ego de Animal Collective llevado a terrenos algo menos intrincados, con texturas sonoras de lo más variadas y una gran cantidad de ritmos que harán las delicias de cualquier buen aficionado a este tipo de sonidos: Friends with lofts; Really?; Oh Hi Oh; Nunya; Don´t invite me. Tan sólo con Mom cop el sonido de la banda torna hacia terrenos algo más convencionales.

“Emerging from the rooftops of Chicago in 2007, Netherfriends are that bastard-psych-pop-catchy as hell band that you’ve been searching for. Their debut 7-inch, Feathers and Dots (Black and Greene Records), fuses heavily layered arrangements with group sing-a-longs, spare pianos, synths, glockenspiels and other hard to place, but familiar sounds. The three-piece psychedelic pop band grabbed some early spark and attention from places like Blender and RCRD LBL and have played at both SXSW in Austin and CMJ in New York City. Netherfriends features Shawn Rosenblatt (vocals, guitar, piano), Paul Newmann (no not that Paul Newman..drums) Justin Fernado (guitar, bass, synth, and glockenspiel and vocals” (MySpace)
“Chicago’s Netherfriends allow their songs to define the band, not their fashion sense or peers. Rare as it may be, Netherfriends are at the forefront of a new crop of artists focused on great songwriting and performance. This group is the amalgamation of experimental field recordings, solid pop melody, and vocal harmonies. Netherfriends make some of the most likeable music. It’s fun, poppy, catchy as all get out, and smart as a whip” (

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Netherfriends – Nunya

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