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Songs of Summers – Jefre Cantu Ledesma: On the echoing green (Mexican Summer, 2017)

Instrumentación cercana al Shoegaze empleando sintetizadores hasta la saciedad. Ambientes electro-dreamers y melodías somnolientas.

“On the Echoing Green is an elegant work of shimmering sound, rendered by eternal electric romantic Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. Conceived as an experiment in collaboration, On Echoing Green is eight rapturous and melodic slow dives of swirling guitar, bass, synthesizer, piano, and drum machines, accented by heavenly vocal arcs from Argentinian musician Sobrenadar and contributions from Alexis Georgopoulous and Byron Westbrook. This is music of growth and grandeur, of ascent and exploration; in tune with the beauty of sound and the harmony of light” (Press)

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Candy Skin – HAZEL ENGLISH: Just Give In/Never Going Home (Marathon Artists, 2017)

Just Give In/Never Going Home

Azúcar, azúcar y azúcar. Y como postre: un poquito más de azúcar. Éste es, basicamente, el menú con el que te vas a encontrar si vas a degustar este álbum de debut de la australiana HAZEL ENGLISH. Una artista que se abre camino en el mundo del Pop más delicioso y delicado a base de encontrarse por el camino con referencias tan cercanas en el tiempo como Best Coast. Un absoluto soplo de aire fresco para las tórridas tardes de estío…

“When Hazel English moved to the Bay Area from her native Australia, she came with the purpose of furthering her studies in literature. She soon began making music instead and hooked up with Day Wave‘s Jackson Phillips to collaborate on a sound not too dissimilar from what Phillips was doing: straightforward indie pop with reverb-heavy guitars, sweeping synth pads, and machine-driven beats, sounding like a slightly more polished version of bands Captured Tracks might sign (e.g, Beach Fossils, Nic Hessler). The difference in English‘s case is that it’s anchored by her brightly melancholy voice and introspective lyrical slant. The first songs English released on the Internet reached a surprisingly large audience, and the release of the Never Going Home EP in 2016 gave people an idea of just how good her songs and the duo’s production could be. In 2017, English signed to Polyvinyl Records and re-released that EP, plus another one she recorded afterwards, Just Give In. The sound didn’t change much, though maybe it became a bit more atmospheric and English‘s vocals a little more assured. Her pop bona fides were in place right away, and both the first EP and the follow-up are filled with sneaky hooky songs that have a very pleasing warmth and depth. There is nothing jarring on either, and they both work as smooth background music and delightfully unassuming pop songs. The only track that stands out is the bonus track that ends the collection. Produced by a guy, Justin Raisen, whose CV includes Charli XCX and Sky Ferreira, “That Thing” is a little too slick and too close to the mainstream to really capture English‘s homespun charms. Ignoring that one misstep, the rest of Just Give In/Never Going Home is a strong introduction to Hazel English and her quietly impressive brand of indie pop” (All Music)

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Surfer Girl – HAPPYNESS: Write in (Moshi Moshi Records, 2017)

Write In

Establecidos en una suerte de medios tiempos absorbentes, Happyness se han marcado un segundo trabajo preñado de momentos gozosos, a base de extraer lo mejor del Indie a lo Teenage Fanclub más maduro, rasgo éste a destacar de este disco; de los sonidos más beatlemanos o de los más expansivos de The Olivia Tremor Control/Neutral Milk Hotel. Lo cierto es que este Write In es un gran disco, que se deja oír a la perfección durante sus diez cortes perfectamente estructurados y casi sin altibajos.

“For their second album, Write In, English trio Happyness reach back into the sweet-dreamy sound they established on 2015’s Weird Little Birthday, but emerge with a touch more serious, consistently reflective tone. They also veer a little from the slacker rock influence of their debut, seeming to carve out a space of their own near a convergence of ’90s jangle, psychedelic-period Beatles, and Real Estate. They land closer to the latter on tunes like the scene-setting opener “Falling Down” and the ambling “Victor Lazarro’s Heart.” Elsewhere, after an R.E.M.-evoking intro, “Anna, Lisa Calls” carries a tune and harmonies that could be straight out of the British Invasion, if with a contemporary, hazier sound design. The song’s bum-bah-bah backing vocals and double-tracked lead, along with echoing harmonics and feedback, contribute to a simultaneously retro and indie-era impression, a balance they manage to maintain on most songs while still sounding fresh. Even the lush rocker “Anytime,” with its undeniably post-shoegaze sound, plays like the memory of an old movie, or perhaps more so a haunting by the distorted specter of an early power pop group. They take a decidedly psychedelic approach on songs like “Through Windows” and the impenetrable “The C Is A B A G” (“and the sky has a film”), but a knack for sunny tunes and an off-kilter delivery keep everything sounding like themselves. That and the ability to produce songs that feel at once familiar and new are tricks that should make Write In the envy of many an up-and-coming indie rock band” (All Music)

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Mexican Fuzz – LORELLE MEETS THE OBSOLETE: The sound of all the things (Captcha Records / Sonic Cathedral, 2017)

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete dan un giro de tuerca a su Fuzzy Psicodélico en este nuevo sencillo publicado este mismo año: The Sound of all the things, continuador del primer trabajo de los mejicanos publicado el anterior: Balance (2016).


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Gardens – THE LOVE EXPLOSION: Movies in your mind (2017)

Atracones de Psicodelia a base de lisergia y sitares en casi todos los cortes de este álbum facturado en casa fusionando lo mejor del movimiento de los sesenta como de sus redescubridores tipo Brian Jonestown Massacre. The Love Explosion es una One-Man-Band que publicó a finales del año pasado un disco impecable.

“Sitar led excursions on the topics of middle age, memories, dreams & distant places.
Musically, its got psychedelic soul, Spacemen 3, moog based mind expansion, the rolling stones on an instrumental country sitar trip, adolescent embarrassment, middle age reflection, and a Primal Scream hypnotic dub episode that goes for approximately three hours!” (Press Note)


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Aromas – THE TIDE BENDS: Greened (Ep, Tasted Records, 2017)

Actitud rockista ambientada con la dosis correspondiente de Neo-Psicodelia hacen de este Ep de los norteamericanos de New Jersey THE TIDE BENDS un artefacto altamente disfrutable. 


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Resaca – ALVVAYS: In Undertow (Vídeo-Single, 2017)

ALVVAYS están de vuelta. In Undertow es el adelanto de su próximo álbum, previsto para este próximo 8 de Septiembre. Se titulará Antisocialites.


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Peggy Mae – WE. THE PIGS: Ep2 (Discos de Kirlian, 2017)

Segundo Ep de los suecos WE. THE PIGS. Continuación de Ep1 (los cortes están registrados en las mismas sesiones); los chicos insisten en la fórmula (acertada) de fusionar Jangle con Noise y gotitas de Shoegaze en un amenísimo disco de cuatro cortes que hará las delicias de seguidores de los The Pains of Being Pure at Heart primigenios. Deliciosos.

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Bailoteo – Coolio vs. Chic: 1,2,3,4 (Good Times) (Rhythm Scholar Disco Funkin’ Remix)

“Coolio vs. Chic – 1, 2, 3, 4 (Good Times) (Rhythm Scholar Disco Funkin’ Remix) +Dub +Clean
Coolio and Chic fuse together along with Cameo and The Evasions to create a disco-funk adventure designed to get everyone’s booty shaking!”


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Counties – Saint Etienne: Magpie Eyes (Video-Single, 2017)

Uno de los cortes del nuevo trabajo de unos veteranos como ST. ETIENNE: Magpie eyes está incluido dentro de Home Counties, que puedes encontrar aquí.

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So long – THE POPGUNS: Sugar Kisses (Matinée Recordings, 2017)

“The album begins with the infectious title track—an unrestrained but moody minor key bouncer with its hopeful Dover Beach inspired refrain of “love, let us be true”—followed by glam-rocker ‘We Don’t Go Round There Anymore’ and breeze-pop classic ‘So Long.’
‘A Beaten Up Guitar’ is a brilliant, straight down the middle power-pop blaster which delivers an outrageous bass driven rush through to a final breathless denouement of harmonized vocals.
‘Out On The Highline’ is a sultry Sunday morning slowie, while ‘A Dream Of Her Own’ boasts jangling guitars, a singalong chorus and plenty of ba-ba-ba’s. ‘The Outsider’ is a menacing slow burner that contrasts nicely with the power pop of tongue-in-cheek ‘Gene Machine’ which explores the forces of evolution at work on our biological clocks.
‘Fire Away’ is a dream for the pun-writers and a lot of fun as Wendy gets to tell some pub-bore “I’ve had a drink, but not enough tell you what I think, so Fire Away.” The album concludes with pop classic ‘Finished With The Past’ with its bristling mass of guitars and, in the last verse, surely Wendy’s most passionate vocal ever, ending the album on a thrilling high.
Surely this is the perfect British guitar pop album that The Popguns promised all those years ago when they first appeared in Peel’s Festive 50 and on the 90’s indie dancefloors” (Matinée Press)


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Cajsa Siik: White Noise (Video-single, Birds Records, 2017)

Último lanzamiento videográfico de la solista sueca Cajsa Siik, extraído de su último lanzamiento: Domino.

“With comparisons to fellow Scandinavian’s Lykke Li, Cajsa Siik’s transcendent voice, accompanied by ethereal and harmonious production, has helped her stand out from the so-so vocalists of today, and enabled her to gather a solid fanbase at home and abroad” (Birds Records, Press)

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Disco Sweden – CLUB 8: Lost (Labrador, Single, 2017)

Resultado de imagen de club8 lost

We’ve tried to take a step away from standard instrumentation and perhaps sound a little less typically western on ”Lost” (Karolina Komstedt)

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Disco Sweden – STARS IN COMA: Chalet Saudade (Moonport Recordings, Single, 2017)

“The track starts out as a modern DIY disco song, with resentful lyrical lines about Trump, endless news flow and modern life. By the time we get to the chorus, the song transforms into a schlager-like anthem with chants about simpler times. As we all know, pure nostalgia offers no solution, prompting the character of the song to ‘drink myself to sleep’. However, by the end of the song, he decides it’s better to stay alive and ‘take it all in,’ even if the time he lives in only provide terror and gloominess” (Press)


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Total Bliss – CHARLY BLISS: Guppy (Barsuk, 2017)

A medio camino entre el School-Rock y el sonido británico de chicas de finales de los ochenta, CHARLY BLISS nos ofrecen este Guppy, un fantástico entretenimiento a base de pildorazos pop, con estribillos contundentes y guitarras elevadas. A todo ello hay que unirle el hecho de que mantienen un nivel muy bueno en directo, como demuestra el vídeo que acompaño. ¡Sorpresón!


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Crónicas del Bibliotecario – THE SCHOOL BOOK DEPOSITORY: A Fork In The Road For Behavioural Science (Single, 2017)

“With this year’s possibly most complicated title The School Book Depository is following up it’s last single ”Salvation” with a both strange and inspiring pop-cocktail. This catchy tune is a psychedelic trip to the outskirts of sanity where groovy, Motown-flavored hip hop meets catchy pop melodies in an awkward universe where absurdity clashes with geniality. An odd pop gem in a lo-fi outfit that bring both Beck and Eels to mind. When it comes to the lyrics it would probably require a masters degree in both psychoanalysis and behavioural science to figure this one out. The initial line pretty much sets the tone for the lyrical content: “I’m duct taping pork chops under my feet, the comfort it brings, it is stress release for my knees”. If norm criticism is the popular term for this decade, this song sure would be the perfect theme song, bringing the term yet another dimension” (Birds Will Sing for You / Press)

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Flores Muertas – MAYFLOWER MADAME: Drown (Night Cult Records, Single, 2017)

Un cierto grado de oscuridad lóbrega es lo que nos encontramos tras los primeros acordes de este sencillo de la banda noruega MAYFLOWER MADAME: Drown. Patrones acordes al Post-Punk y reverberación de cueva para su sonido. 

“Throw in a few post-punk references too. We’re thinking Bauhaus, The Chameleons and The Sisters Of Mercy, and the melting pot of influences that makes up their sound is more or less complete” (Drowned in Sound)


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Selvaticario – SELVÁTICA: Seres abisales (Discos de Kirlian, 2017)

Este tercer disco de SELVÁTICA los gallegos han dado un giro estético a su sonido hacia posiciones mucho más radicales y ásperas, y contiene algunos rasgos sonoros que lo acercan mucho tanto a cierta producción sonora castiza del Madrid de los ochenta como a posiciones mucho más radicales en cuanto a musicalidad y producción se refiere, empleando saxos y metales que nos evocan a bandas cercanas al Grunge más heterodoxo.

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Sweden Trip – HONEYMILK: Trip (Birds Records, Single, 2017)

“Trip”, by Stockholm, Sweden based indie rockers Honeymilk, was created when singer Marcus Admun brought some chords to guitarist Nikki Nyberg. Some Thin Lizzy meets Mac DeMarco meets TOPS-guitars later the track was finished. The song is typical Honeymilk stuff – lyrics discussing the fact that life seldom reaches higher that a 2 out of 5 grade in general, but with melodies and arrangements that believes you into thinking the opposite” (Press)


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Neo-Folk – JULIA JACKLIN: Coming of Age (from “Don’t Let The Kids Win”, 2016)

La imagen puede contener: una o varias personas, texto y exterior


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