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City Reign: Dissapear (Car Boot Records, Single, 2014)

“City Reign burst into the open in 2013 with debut album, Another Step. Harnessing the sounds of Salford Trinity Church was producer Sam Jones (Band on the Wall, Alex Turner), who captured the band’s energy and intensity perfectly.
The result earned the band support from the likes of Steve Lamacq, Clash Magazine and Shell Zenner of Amazing Radio, and many more.
They are now back with new single, Disappear, in which they embark on a part daydream, part crushingly real portrayal of the daily grind. All against the backdrop of guitar fuzz, clatter and excitement that can only be the mark a band pushing each other to their limits, and destined for great things”


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City Reign: See what it´s worth (Single, 2014)

¿Unos REM más endurecidos o unos Hüsker Dü más dados a la molicie…? Ésta sería más o menos una buena definición para este combo de Manchester que en breve publicarán su álbum de debut: Another step.


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City Reign: Daybreak (Single, 2011)

Daybreak - Single Cover Art

Tal y como dijimos el otro día, en el Reino Unido todavía existen bandas que mantienen viva la llama del sonido más Indie al menos tal y como lo conocíamos. City Reign son un grupo que factura un Rock de guitarras del de toda la vida. Quizás no inventen nada, pero lo que hacen lo hacen con la honestidad de un grupo con un cierto bagaje a sus espaldas, editando además su material en su propio sello (Car Boot Records). Teniendo a gentes como Doves o Interpol como referentes, el último trabajo de City Reign se llama Daybreak, un animoso single en el que destaca su sonido de guitarras, con ciertos ecos Post-Grunge y una cierta épica, muy a lo Glasvegas. Puedes disfrutar del tema gratuitamente en su Bandcamp.

City Reign – Daybreak (Single, 2011)

“We wrote about City Reign late last year and at the time didn’t have a lot to go on other than a name, video and a great single in “Out In The Cold”. Luckily, as technology would have it, the band was able to contact us directly today and give us a heads up to their newest single “Daybreak” and give us a little more information about themselves so let’s see what we’ve learned.
We already knew that the band called Manchester, England their home but what we didn’t know is that the band derived their name from the Ryan Adams song “City Rain, City Streets” and that the guys are hard at work creating their own independent music label called Car Boot Records on which they plan to release the single for “Daybreak” on May 9th. I assume that date is a UK date.
“Daybreak” is mostly driven forward by a pounding drum line that opens the track and keeps it progressing onward and upward. Aingle guitar lines help to accentuate a track that establishes “Daybreak” as a indie rock/post-grunge song that promises to bring only good things to City Reign” (

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