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Little Jungles: Wuts Goin Thru Yer Head (2010)


¿Qué ocurre si mezclas Pop de baja intensidad, algo de electrónica, guitarras chirriantes y un espíritu inequivocamente Indie-Pop? Pues que aparecen discos como los de Waves, Big Troubles, Best Coast, Beach Fossils, Happy Birthday, Harlem y tantos otros que han copado infinidad de críticas de los mejores portales y blogs musicales del planeta. Porque la fórmula tiene más éxito que la receta del Cola-Cao y por qué negarlo, porque es una fórmula que personalmente nos encanta. Si ello lo aderezas con un cierto aura de malditismo y desconocimiento del personal que ha registrado y compuesto los temas, pues tenemos el disco debut de Little Jungles, grupo canadiense del que se sabe poco, aunque lo realmente interesante son los temas, que tienen el chispazo y la frescura de las primeras canciones que un grupo registra. En su Bandcamp puedes degustar y descargar, si lo prefieres, aportándoles algunos euros, el Ep completo.

Little Jungles – Wuts Goin Thru Yer Head (2010)

“We head north of the border to Vancouver for a look and listen to Little Jungles, our first Bandcamp Band of the Week of the New Year. Not a lot of info out there, but Little Jungles’ Bandcamp LP Wuts Goin Thru Yer Head is a solid foray into the different elements that made 2010 such a great year in music, giving us hope an excitement for what’s 2011 is going to bring. Wuts Goin polishes up the shoegaze-y, chillwave (ugh) motifs so that while fuzzy synth work and drum machine blips are there, they don’t bury the vocals, which goes to show that they put just as much care in lyrics and vocal hooks. Conceptually, Wuts Goin Thru Yer Head deals with life’s universal relationship bummers, but offers a glimmer of optimism and retribution that overcomes the gloom and doom and inspires hope.
While you’ll hear bits of everything from Panda Bear to Grandaddy, Little Jungles’ debut shows a knack for versatility and relevance without compromising their own unique vision. “Blue Heron” pulses out of the gate with a Small Black-like intro that fades to the back when the vocals kick in, drenched in reverb to create a more anthemic sing-along vibe. And “Drive Yerself Crazy” mixes the hazy, bass-heavy synth with dancey keys atop a sputtering elcecto beat that ricochets from one ear to the other. They’re both earworms for sure, so have a listen and get hooked” (

MySpace / Descarga legal, pon el precio-Legal download, name the price

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