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The Culture in Memoriam: Hey Ho ! (Single, 2015)

Trallazos garajeros llegados desde Escandinavia. Acompañan con un vídeo muy divertido.

“The backbone of TCIM is hard-hitting honesty,  relentless politics and a cynical lust for love. Although bursting with full-blown instrumentation and pompous arrangements TCIM never loses it’s intimacy and naked nearness to its listener.
The latest album ”Rest in Pieces”, was hailed in unison by critics and audiences. The feministic single ”Sisters” obtained heavy rotation on Swedish national radio as well as on German radio. The band also got media attention with the single ”Jimmie”.
The first single from the album, ”Hey Ho”, was released a couple of weeks back to blog praise, and now we have the video adding a new dimension to the song. Instant classic!”

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