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The Manhattan Love Suicides: More Heat! More Panic! (Odd Box, Squirrel Records, 2015)

La música de The Manhattan Love Suicides es un continuo viaje al pasado convenientemente aderezado y actualizado con algunos elementos del Fuzz-Pop de esta segunda década del siglo ventiuno.
Constantes referencias a The Jesus and Mary Chain, PrimitivesLush, Ronettes, Velvet Underground
Todo un tratado de guitarras distorsionadas y estribillos asequibles. Un bonito disco continuación de su primer (y quizás algo lejano) trabajo.

“That’s best captured on the fast and fuzzy ‘(Never Stop) Hating You’, a ramalama boxing bout between grinding guitars, viagra-enhanced bass and wired, manic drumming, the whole thing sealed in a perfect melodic parcel that offsets the sonic assault. Meanwhile ‘Drag’, with its fury of buzzsaw guitars, is an anthemic return to form. All that sums up one aspect of the band – the other one is their 60s girl group obsession, captured on the brilliant ‘Goffin & King’, which sounds like the Ramones indulging their Ronettes fantasy. In a case of life mirroring art for the titular heroes, innocence fades and reality intrudes as “teenage dreams turn to adult heartbreak”, Caroline’s voice moaning with the pain of separation. But there’s also variety, in the dark post-punk of ‘The Blood Club’ with its sinister, bodysnatching bass riffs and bleeding guitar noise while the lurching Jesus And Mary Chain style pop of ‘Speak To You’ would have charmed John Peel back in the day.
But fuzz is the theme of the day, and ‘Anything But Satisfied’ is a loud, fast and fuzzy kinetic rush, a relentless, unstoppable pop force, which sums up the record. Like a revengeful hero in one of the cheap action movies from which they borrow their covers, the band are back in town with unfinished business and won’t stop until they’ve made their point or died trying. Better surrender now” (Sounds XP)

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