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Two Hundred Bars: Two Hundred Bars (2011)


A estas alturas, es extraño que me ocurra, pero una sensación de cierta incredulidad se apoderó de mí cuando escuché Faze Action, esa oda Noise que es el primer corte del debut de Two Hundred Bars, un trío compuesto por la colaboración entre Gai Roufe (China Moondogs), S.E.M. (Saccadic Eye Motion) y Yoav Lahav (The Homesicks). Es decir, tres perfectos desconocidos (al menos para mí). Evidentemente, esa incredulidad fue una sensación pasajera, porque no todo el Ep tiene la misma intensidad que Faze Action, pero sólo por ese tema, vale la pena oír detenidamente este disco instrumental (menos el último corte) que aparentemente es fácil de etiquetar oyendo el primer tema como Shoegaze/Noise-Pop; pero que conforme avanzan sus cuatro canciones va ampliando su espectro de sonoridades hasta acercarlo incluso a artistas más bizarros como King Crimson (Black Frost) o Brian Eno (Get me down). Merece la pena oírlo.

Two Hundred Bars – Two Hundred Bars (Ep, 2010)

“As I write these words, the sound of a harmonica, guitars (both electric and acoustic), a tambourine and the faded out beat of a bass drum echoes in my ears in a seamless and perfect array. “Space Junkie”, as they named it, is the second of a four-track self-titled debut release by Two Hundred Bars.
Listening to these guys is truly like being in a souped-up Indian ashram which has been taken over by other worldly beings possessing a higher form of intelligence. It is their message which they want to convey. They’re trying to teach us something. Something greater than ourselves.
By way of this instrumental monologue, these aliens project a sense of peace. There’s no other way to describe it. Whether you’re sitting on a chair in front of a computer or laying down on your bed, these galactic mothers of sound creation will capture and captivate you. They will funnel their way to your ears, through your mind and eventually into your heart.
There’s no doubt about it, Two Hundred Bars are here to stay and if they continue on this path, on which they began, it’ll be just a matter of time until E.T. and his buddies decide to look us up” (Omer´s Blog)

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