Three Dimensional Tanx: Three Dimensional Tanx (Sunstone Records, 2014)

three dimensional tanx cover art

El combo de Lancaster Three Dimensional Tanx se ha especializado en sacar a relucir sus mejores galas psicodélicas: teclados, guitarras y ambiente en general un tanto Retro. Un trabajo enérgico y lleno de chispa. Un auténtico faro para quienes busquen ese regreso lisérgico a la última mitad de los sesenta.

“As I entered the black basement club, the propellant rhythm of Three Dimensional Tanx hit me full in the face with driving beats and hummus-thick bass lines, all overlaid with a garnish of spitting fizzing guitar and swirling late-sixties keyboard.
Hats off to the drummer too, coated in thick sweat and wearing only what appeared to be small running shorts, beating the living shit out of a wonderfully minimalistic Gretsch kit (snare, floor tom, bass drum, hi-hat, two cymbals) and making it sound like he was playing on something that Carl Palmer would have set up on stage in the mid-seventies. This was a great performance by a band previously unknown to me and I’ll be giving them a good listen in future. Manic organ breaks, chugging twin guitars and a fluid rhythm section that was all power and no flower, plus a floppy crazy-puppet vocalist who really threw himself into the spirit of things, all came together for a short combustive set of cracking garage-psych that was high on thrills and never ever relaxed the throttle once.”
Adam Stone, The Sleeping Shamen, June 2014

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