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The 286: Ep (2014)

EP cover art

The 286 son, como ellos mismos se definen, una “Rock Orchestra”. Sí, éso que Jeff Lynne pergeñó en los setenta con notable éxito, y que, hoy por hoy, probablemente, no tenga demasiados adeptos. 
Su sonido está preñado de influencias setenteras (con los slides Harrisonianos incluidos) y arreglos orquestales, que en el caso de Little Louisa toman el protagonismo absoluto incluyendo pequeños fragmentos de obras clásicas. Un Ep muy entretenido y que pasa en un momento.

The 286 imageA seven piece band from London, The 286 dare to cross the genres of indie rock and classical music. By clashing rock & roll riffs with cellos and violins, The 286 create a unique sound that you expect from a musical collaboration between The Beatles and Beethoven

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Love Cop: Let´s get high and fuck (Single, Gnar Tapes, 2014)

Love Cop are two Portland, Oregon-based stoner romantics, transplanted from New York some years ago, who blend classic pop motifs with gothy gazed-out atmospherics and 50’s teen dreaminess. Multiple cassettes are out now on Burger Records, Gnar Tapes, and Lolipop Records.  “Let’s Get High and Fuck” is a blissed out slow jam that features Brian Wakefield, aka Emotional, of SF dream pop band Melted Toys on lead guitar and production.  It’s the first single from Love Cop’s upcoming album “Dark Ones” due out in late December on Gnar Tapes.

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The Time and Space Machine: The way out sound from in (Ample Play Records, 2014)

“It’s about time someone got together a killer compilation of Time And Space Machine Mixes. From start to finish this is a full set of end to end burners – Warpaint, Jagwar Ma, Temples, Psychemagik and more all get the treatment. The perfect soundtrack to those phased-out psychedelic summer nights.” Rough Trade Shops
Ample Play Records release a heavy duty collection of Richard Norris’ recent Time And Space Machine Mixes on August 25th. A man of many guises, he has operated as a duo – as The Grid with Dave Ball, as Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve with Erol Alkan – but when it’s time for some solo sonic action, he records and remixes as The Time and Space Machine. We find him at it here: ‘The Way Out Sound From In’, reworking the most cosmic beat combos around into hitherto unheard psychedelic shapes. Warpaint, Jagwar Ma, Temples, Psychemagik, The Sufis and more fall into the Time and Space Machine and come out the other side with wider grins and shinier eyes. It’s The Way Out Sound From In….all aboard.
“I’m lucky enough to work with some of my favourite artists. I try to stay true to them while adding technicolor and hypnosis to the mix.” Richard Norris

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Deluxe: Crows beak (Single, 2014)

“Deluxe is an Electro-pop band, located in New Haven, CT. The band started in 2009 but was semi abandoned till 2011 with the recording of “Colour.” Deluxe’s new self-titled album utilizes multiple instruments including analog synths, drum machines/live drums, granular synthesis, guitar, and bass to create unique yet catchy ambient pop music.  Now that sounds weird, huh?”

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Cheatahs: Cheatahs (Wichita, 2014)

Desgraciadamente para ellos, el debut de Cheatahs no ha cosechado demasiadas buenas críticas (Pitchfork es lamentablemente implacable). Pues nada, yo les voy a llevar la contraria a los sesudos norteamericanos. Porque este primer trabajo de los londinenses me parece un disco más que correcto. Es cierto que no inventan nada nuevo y que incluso dejan poco espacio para la innovación en un género tan manejado como el Shoegaze.
Pero, en puridad… ¿Qué grupo Neo-Shoegazer es capaz de realmente inventar nuevos patrones sonoros? Acaso Yuck, Ringo Deathstarr, A Place to Bury Strangers… son más arriesgados que los londinenses?
Lo mejor que tienen Cheatahs es que es un álbum en el que no sólamente nos encontraremos con los muros de sonidos de MBV-Kevin Shields, sino que también nos encontraremos con mucho Indie-College, Noise o Grunge noventero; y aquí el triángulo Shields, Moore, Mascis se cierra.
Cheatahs se erige, pues, como un disco intenso, un catálogo de distorsiones y una energía propia de un álbum de debut. Quizás el nivel de sus Ep´s previos puso el listón algo más alto, pero en cualquier caso, podemos esperar siempre material interesante de Cheatahs en un futuro.

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The Telewire: Like everything (2014)

Stpehen Thurman es el artífice principal de la música de The Telewire. Un concepto de banda de dormitorio, con sonido artesanal, grabado íntegramente por Stephen: Shoegaze ruidoso, Spacerock y mucha distorsión.

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The Spook School: Dress Up (Fortuna POP!, 2013)

“We try our best. We try to play pop music. We like to make noise, we hope you like to listen”

Así de sencillo y así de simple. A grandes rasgos, ésta es la descripción de la música de este joven combo de Edimburgo, que llegan a la escena musical de la mano de Fortuna POP! dispuestos a hacer algo de ruido, y, desde luego, a pasárselo lo mejor posible.

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White Lodge: Technicolour Visions (2014)

White Lodge tienen esa energía propia de los grupos de Garaje-Pop sureños (aun sin serlo, pues son Australianos). Una dinámica para el Pop que les hace ir a una velocidad más aunque sus ritmos sean los mismos acelerados que los de cualquier banda de Rock.
Su mini álbum les hace acreedores de esta etiqueta, y su música, a la que añaden reminiscencias sesenteras, les convierte en una banda interesante.

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I Was a King: Isle of Yours (2014)

I Was A King - Isle Of Yours

Haciendo Camino

El cuarto álbum de los noruegos I Was a King no nos depara grandes sorpresas si nos atenemos a su discografía anterior. De hecho, Isle of Yours es algo así como una continuación lógica a su magnífico You Love it Here, su espléndido disco de 2012 coproducido por dos leyendas como Norman Blake y Robyn Hitchcock.
En este 2014, los chicos han continuado en esa senda del Pop de guitarras levemente distorsionadas, de esas canciones deudoras de las College Radio, de álbumes como el Grand Prix de sus admirados Teenage Fanclub. Las notas discordantes, si acaso, la ponen un par de temas más inclinados al ambient más cercano a Portishead cantados por la mitad femenina de IWAK, Anne Lise Frokedal: One of us y Pet cemetery.
Evidentemente, y tratándose de los noruegos, siempre me quedo con su faceta más Indie: Graveyards, Oslo shareRedecorate, Monsters, Procrastinate song, AlBygdoy 30, o la espacial Isle of Yours.
Esta cuarta entrega de I Was a King no va a suponer, quizás, una evolución como sí lo fue su anterior trabajo. Más bien es un paso lógico, una continuación a lo iniciado. ¿El futuro de su sonido? Sólo ellos lo saben. Personalmente, prefiero el Noise melódico de sus primeros trabajos que la onda calmada de algunos temas de éste. El futuro está aquí…

“Following up their excellent Robyn Hitchcock/Norman Blake-produced 2012 release You Love It Here, Norwegian trio I Was a King return with more alluringly melodic indie pop on 2014’s Isle of Yours. Self-produced this time out, the band is joined in the studio by veteran drummer Bill Rieflin (Ministry,Robyn Hitchcock) on a set of tunes that mix subtle experimentation and synth elements with classic, jangling guitar pop. Tracks like the opener “Graveyards” and the wonderful “Bygdøy 30″ feature an easy blend of vocalists Frode Strømstad and Anne Lise Frøkedal, as their harmonies glide effortlessly over thoughtful, midtempo pop songs that recall the mid-’80s college rock heyday of bands like R.E.M. and the Feelies. Hints of ’90s Elephant 6 Collective bands like the Essex Green and the Ladybug Transistor are also present in songs like “Redecorate” and “Procrastinate Song,” with their punchy guitar riffs and stacked-harmony, power pop choruses. Surprisingly, one of the album’s greatest highlights is the gorgeously rendered piano ballad “Pet Cemetery,” sung by Anne Lise Frøkedal, whose performance here strikes the perfect balance between wistfulness and austerity. As enjoyable as the rest of the songs are, this track adds some welcome diversity to the collection, offering a break in the thread of nicely layered guitar pop. The only other track that really breaks from the album’s overall form is “One of Us,” a sleek, moody piece of Portishead-style late-night pop, also sung by Frøkedal. While a bit more variation wouldn’t hurt, Isle of Yours is still a strong and charming effort by a smart and thoughtful band” (AllMusic)

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Trick Mammoth: Floristry (2014)

Pop alegre, desenfadado y Jangle (son neozelandeses). Trick Mammoth ya han aparecido en TJB en alguna ocasión para presentarnos sus sencillos, y ahora lo hacen con este Floristry, su debut en largo.

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First Base: First Base (Hozac Records, 2013)

First Base cover art

Punk-Pop melódico o Bubblegum electrificado. Lo mismo nos da. Las melodías de First Base son una auténtica delicia, y este álbum está lleno de ellas. Grupo purista donde los haya, en su debut vas a encontrar auténtica emoción.

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The Alternative With Chris Atwood Compilation, A Compilation by Russian Winter Records (2014)

“Russian Winter Records is excited to announce the release of “The Alternative” compilation, curated by syndicated Boston radio personality Chris Atwood.  The Alternative features a dynamic mix of 10 rock artists on the cutting edge. The album kicks off with a new solo track from legendary post-punk guitarist James Stevenson (Gene Love Jezebel, The Cult, Gen X) and also includes Boston heavyweights James Straight and The Wide Stance, UK breakout Suzi Blu, garage power trio The Feel Bad Hit Of The Winter, indie virtuoso Kevin Nolan and 5 more.  The Compilation is available in a 500 CD Hand Numbered Limited Edition and as a digital download on Bandcamp”

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FoneZ: Adhesivo de contacto espacial (Lofi Records, 2014)

Adhesivo De Contacto Espacial cover art

Desde la Córdoba argentina llegan Fonez, un combo especializado en registrar sonidos cercanos al Space-Rock pero filtrados por la máquina del Kraut-Pop y del Emo-Pop. Una bonita mezcla que nos regalan en este mini álbum que recoge en estos seis temas la ideología sonora de FoneZ. Un disco intenso y viajero…

“Reunidos por vez primera el mismísimo día de San Valentín de 2012 en una mítica sala de ensayo de la capital cordobesa, Fonez viene decidido a entregar su amor. Amor plasmado en ruidos, ritmos machacantes, unas cuantas desafinaciones y disonancias. También unas cuantas canciones pegadizas, aunque solo sea por el efecto del tolueno”

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Cruel Summer: White flag (Mt.St.Mtn., Single, 2014)

“Latest from these local fuzzed out jangle pop shoegazers, and it’s the perfect mix of classic twee pop, and something a little bit more distorted and dirty. At its core, the sound seems very indebted to classic nineties indie/college rock, especially Unrest, just check out opener “White Flag”, with its urgent jangle, and crooning echo drenched vox, but whereas Unrest was often all stripped down earnestness, Cruel Summer occasionally pile on layers of distorted guitars, some dreamy background ‘oooooh’s and ‘aaaaaah’s, not to mention some cool sinewy post punk sounding basslines. The rest of the record though, does deliver some serious dreampop minimalism, the female vox over the spare jangle and psychedelic shimmer of “Silent Star”, that at times sounds like a more subdued Sleater-Kinney, or the hazy jangle of “Venetian Blinds”, which occasionally blossoms into warm swirling squalls of soft focus guitar noise, before slipping right back into chiming jangle, or the weary, distortion drenched “Strange Fruit” which reminds us of the late great Scrawl. Definitely recommended for fans of other local outfits like Grass Widow, the Mantles, etc. LIMITED TO JUST 250 COPIES!!! Cool die cut cover too!” - Aquarius Records, San Francisco

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Dean Wareham: Dean Wareham (Double Feature, 2014)

Dean Wareham

Viejos Conocidos

El regreso de Dean Wareham a la primera plana de la actividad musical es una grandiosa noticia. Quien fuera líder de Galaxie 500, Luna o Dean and Britta se merecía volver por la puerta grande con un disco precioso y elegante como éste debut homónimo.
Como leí por algún sitio, este disco es como un repaso por sus tres épocas anteriores, aunque no superpuestas, sino formando un todo, una continuidad que se plasma en este trabajo, de carácter pausado pero en el que Dean es capaz de recuperar su visión más ácida y cercana a la Psicodelia (Holding pattern, I can only give my all, Babes in woods) como su lado más íntimo (The dancer dissapears, Beat the devil, My eyes are blue, Love is not a roof against the rain o el delicioso epílogo Happy and Free).
Un disco realmente notable, un remanso para calmar las ansias nostálgicas de aquellos (como el que escribe) que disfrutamos de parajes eléctricos en los noventa y que suspiramos por aquellos álbumes en los que nos reencontramos con viejas sonoridades que nunca pasan de moda.

Dean Wareham‘s first full-length solo album, 2014’s eponymously titled Dean Wareham, features production by My Morning Jacket‘s Jim James and an elegiac, lyrical tone. The album follows upWareham‘s equally compelling 2013 five-song EP, Emancipated Hearts, and explores a similarly baroque and folk-pop-leaning sound with all the latitude offered by a full-length record. In that sense, the album fits nicely into Wareham‘s existing discography as the leader of bands like Galaxie 500,Luna, and Dean & Britta, the latter two being critically acclaimed projects with his wife and bassist,Britta Phillips (who appears here as well). While Wareham has always evinced a love of dewy-eyed ’60s and ’70s pop music, here he imbues his softly melodic, sweetly poignant, and often psychedelic sound with a somewhat regretful and sad tone. On the languid, torchy ballad “Love Is Not a Roof Against the Rain” (a reference to Edna St. Vincent Millay‘s sonnet “Love Is Not All [Sonnet XXX]“),Wareham opines “I can hold the midnight in my hand/Spoken like a singer in a band/Everyone remembers what they want/Stories told to give their life a font/What have I done with my life?/What have I done with the keys?” Cooed against a backdrop of what sounds like an acoustic guitar-led death march in an Ennio Morricone spaghetti Western, the song lets Wareham (an avowed film fanatic) showcase his longstanding knack for combining his enigmatic personal reflections with grand, cinematic imagery. Even the album’s most buoyant track, the leadoff single “Holding Pattern,” findsWareham contemplating a sense of stasis in his life. Thankfully, another of Wareham‘s trademark traits, his deadpan humor, is also on display here as he evokes the monotony of constant touring by juxtaposing the music he’s listening to on his device with the locations he find himself in. He sings “Kansas, Boston, Toto, Journey, Foreigner and Styx/San Diego over Denver seventeen to six/Living in a holding pattern, this is not my voice/Stuck inside a drop-down menu, this is not my choice.” Ultimately, although melancholy has always been Wareham‘s default musical disposition, here he delivers his sadness with a coy, charming half-smile” (Matt Collar, All Music)

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Pulco: Hardships (Single, 2014)

In Jan 2012 I recorded a BBC Wales radio session for Bethan Elfyn in Cardiff. The producer Darren Broome and I stayed in touch and worked on a track together for the Pulco album (The Mapleson Cylinders) that I was beginning to make at the time. I was also in the process of putting together ‘The Man Of Lists’ for release that year so I sort of stopped working on the new album while I got that finished.
I was recording on a hand help Zoom H4 recorder at the time which I found difficult to work with so when I received iPad for my birthday I decided to put the Mapleson album on hold and start Clay Cutlery instead. The Mapleson songs just weren’t coming together either so I thought it best to leave them and do something else.
Having had a years or so away from the songs I decided to have a listen to them again recently and they didn’t actually sound that bad so my plan is to release them bit by bit as free singles over the coming months, the first of which is Hardships & Kings.

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The New Mendicants: Into the lime (One Little Indian Records, 2014)

Into the Lime

Viejos Conocidos

The New Mendicants son el resultado de la unión de dos talentos compositores como Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub, Jonny) y Joe Pernice (Pernice Brothers), a los que se les ha sumado el talentoso batería de The Sadies: Mike Belitsky, el único canadiense de este supergrupo afincado en Canadá.
Como bien dicen en la reseña de All Music que os adjunto abajo, la unión de estos dos personajes sólo podría traer algo bueno. Y así es: Into the lime es un disco lleno de momentos deliciosos, donde la melodía es la protagonista absoluta, y donde la mayor parte de los temas nos llevarán por caminos ya conocidos por las bandas previas de ambos.
Y ahí radica, precisamente, su único pero: Tanto Blake como Pernice parece que últimamente se hayan estancado en esa complacencia musical en la que privan los acústicos, los tiempos medios y desde luego, la absoluta falta de riesgo en su música. Ésto es algo fácil de adivinar en personas que o bien rondan o han sobrepasado la cincuentena, pero al autor de Norman 3, de Neil Jung, de God knows it´s true y tantos y tantos himnos del Indie más cercano, le pedimos siempre más. Lo positivo: que bueno, The New Mendicants no superan ni a Pernice Brothers ni a TFC, pero parece que han conseguido un sonido propio que quizás el tiempo se encargue de consolidar. Por ahora, TNM sólo sacan las garras en Shouting match, A very sorry Christmas o la simpática Lifelike hair.
Into the lime es un disco que me gusta, pero con los últimos trabajos de Norman Blake, incluso con su banda matriz: Teenage Fanclub, siempre me quedo con ganas de más. Será que añoro los noventa…

“Some pairings make perfect sense right from the start. When Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub) and Joe Pernice (Pernice Brothers) announced in 2013 that they had started a new band together, fans of classic, harmony-driven guitar pop recognized a winning formula. Arriving in early 2014, the New Mendicants‘ debut LP Into the Lime contains all of the classy songcraft, jangling guitars, and big harmonies fans expected and it almost comes as a relief that the two beloved songsmiths didn’t use this project as a platform for some other sort of wild artistic experimentation. Along with drummer Mike Belitsky of the Sadies (the only native Canadian in this Toronto-based trio), Blake and Pernice play to their strengths, delivering ten strong new songs that echo not just their own bands, but classic ’60s influences like the Hollies and the Byrds. From the opening organ/piano riff of “Sarasota,” the band’s arrangements are subtly thrilling, yet comfortably laid-back. There’s a very relaxed, unhurried atmosphere to the album which speaks of the members’ many years of friendship and combined studio experience. The sublime “Cruel Annette” blend the two singers’ styles into something new to both, while the gentle “If You Only Knew Her” comes across like a blend of Chad and Jeremy‘s wistful classic “A Summer Song” and Nick Lowe‘s stately late-career output. Several of the album’s songs were originally intended to soundtrack the film adaptation of Nick Hornby‘s novel A Long Way Down, but even when the Mendicants are singing about suicide and depression, like on “A Very Sorry Christmas Eve,” they go easy, adding those big harmonic choruses which have melted the hearts of so many Teenage Fanclub listeners. There are buzzy guitars along with piano and organ ornamentations that will please fans of orchestrated pop, but the focus remains largely on the top-notch songwriting and the pleasing blend of voices and familiar styles. While it would be a shame to let the Mendicants‘ future impede the progress of any new records by the group’s flagship bands, this is a wonderful debut and certainly worthy of a follow-up album” (All Music)

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Dylan Ewen: Giving up (Ep, BUFU Records, 2014)

Giving Up es un Ep en el que aparecen dos temas: Fkku me, un brillante single de Pop soleado y florido que va acompañado de I forgot how to have fun, que es el corte que realmente me llama más la atención, una preciosa canción de tintes melancólicos y sonoridad noventera.

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White Fence: Like that (Drag City, Single, 2014)

White Fence transmutados en The Who. No te pierdas este tremendo single de los Angelinos.


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Habits: All the figures (Video-Single, Fleeting Youth Records, 2014)

“Strap in for a lofi-psychedelic journey through an otherworldly multiverse where belly dancers, bodybuilders, felines, one-percenters, and a very determined grizzly bear sift their way through a complex fog of nonsensical transmissions on a quest for new and divine perspectives. Find out how this wild group of misfits learns to break free from the shackles of doubt to find each other, themselves, and the true meaning of friendship.
This video is the third installment of HABITS’ chaotic, lo-fi universe full of weird video collages and experiments” (Press)


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