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The Yetis: Little Surfer Girl, Warm California (Lollipop Records, 2014)

Más grupos debutantes. Y más Surf-Pop. Se llaman The Yetis, y aunque originarios de Pennsylvannia, estos chicos decidieron dejar de hacer versiones de Artic Monkeys o Strokes para dedicarse a su propio repertorio. Tienen toda la magia sonora del mejor sonido de la Costa Oeste: melodías puras, guitarras ligeramente distorsionadas y unas voces absolutamente angelicales: puro Surf-Pop.

“Fresh out of the studio with Kyle “Slick” Johnson the band progresses past their namesake as a surf-rock band, to incorporates their own unique appeal. With their new tracks, Yetsi encapsulated the wide-eyed charms of Girls and the vocal giddiness of the Beach Boys. Their music perfectly depicts the youth’s ideals of good vibrations and golden, smiling influences”


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Thee Gold Blooms: Katie-Sue (Pavement Records, Single, 2014)

Australianos. Debutantes. Nuevos en este negociado, pero con muchas ganas y con un catálogo de influencias clásicas que les hace moverse entre las melódicas de Kinks, Beatles, Beach Boys y otras historias sesenteras cercanas al Surf y al Pop más puro. Éste es su segundo sencillo de adelanto a un largo que aparecerá a comienzos del próximo año.


“Brand new single ‘Katie-Sue’ is a lovely little slice of garage rock with a bit of country swagger. It’s a classic tale of unrequited love and Thee Gold Bloomshave once again proven they know how to write a good hook. Thee Gold Bloomswill be following this single up with the release of their self-titled debut album and a national tour all happening in January 2015″

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Gingerlys: Jumprope (Ep, Shelflife, 2014)

Con un nombre como Gingerlys una banda no puede hacer nada malo. La misma sutileza sonora de su nombre la trasladan a su maravilloso Pop-Fuzz inocente y preñado de detallitos de esos que tanto nos gustan. Pop delicado (Summer cramps), tecladitos preciosistas (Better hearts) y un tono general de vuelta a los noventa que nos tiene arrebatados. Una de las revelaciones del año. Graban, por cierto, para el mejor sello posible para alojar su música: Shelflife. Como curiosidad, os diré que la portada es obra de Elena Sestelo (When Nalda Became Punk).

“Described as “pure ear candy,” the EP starts off with “Jumprope” which quickly introduces what Gingerlys are all about — songs filled with fuzzy guitars, dreampop melodies, guitar hooks galore and Maria’s soft sultry vocals. The second track “Summer Cramps” switches from dreamy to jangly, a summer pop anthem that is insanely catchy. The B-side opens with the head-rush breakneck speed of “Better Hearts” and closes with the delightful Felt-ish guitars of “Set You Off” (Shelflife)

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Comet Gain: Paperback ghosts (Fortuna POP!, 2014)

Long Distance Runner

El séptimo disco de Comet Gain no supone un gran cambio estilístico en su carrera ni en su sonido, si acaso un mayor acercamiento desde las baladas Pop hacia un cierto tono melancólico que es el que impera en la mayor parte de este Paperback Ghosts. Y este giro lo abordan desde el Jangle Pop más puro (Sad love and other stories, Far from the pavillion), el Pop más enérgico-guitarrero de (All the) Avenue Girls, el Folk-Rock (Your haunted heart) o cualquiera de esa nube de influencias que durante estos veintidos años de carrera Comet Gain han sabido amalgamar y sacar a relucir al mismo tiempo. Un disco más que aprovechable y absolutamente recomendable.

“Now at 22 years and counting, the only question anyone needs to ask about a new Comet Gain record is, have they lost it yet? The answer after the first few minutes of their seventh record, Paperback Ghosts, is a resounding “NO!” Everything that makes the group so special is fully intact: the anguish and the anger, the poetry and the hooks, the breathless rush of unguarded love laid bare, and the bruises raised by the crushing blows of life. The songs that reach into your chest and tear your heart out, the songs that inspire you to say “Yes!” The sound of a band making the music they want to because they have to. It’s all here. What’s missing are the clattering guitars, the shouted vocals, and any traces of the lo-fi band they once were. David Feck and his cast of collaborators (holding steady here from the previous album, Howl of the Lonely Crowd, only with Jon Slade AWOL and ex-Clientelebassist James Hornsey on board) have rewritten the script a bit and Paperback Ghosts is their first album where the scales are tipped in favor of melancholic ballads instead of ramshackle rockers, with the ratio set at two-thirds tearful crooning and one-third ripping it up. An imbalance like that could lead one to believe that the bandmembers got mellow in their advancing age, but really it seems inspired more by the autumnal mood they were in at the time of writing and recording. Or maybe it was the result of hanging around with Hornsey. Whatever the reason, the fact of the matter is that a sad Comet Gain ballad is a fully committed and emotionally raw ballad. Even with Feck‘s vocals sounding smoother than ever, the production cleaner than ever, and the songs decorated with weeping violin sections, his words and delivery bleed sincerity and pain. Sometimes it drips (like on the late-night weeper “Wait ‘Til December”), sometimes it flows (the achingly blue “An Orchid Stuck Inside Her Throat”), but it always sounds real, and it always hits hard right where it counts. The band rises to the occasion on these with lots of lovely folk-rock jangle and dramatic swells, even crafting a song that should/could be a hit single with “Sad Love and Other Short Stories.” On the flip side of the equation, there are some fine uptempo tracks to balance the melancholy, especially the rollicking “(All The) Avenue Girls” and the Rachel Evans-sung charmer “Behind the House She Lived In.” The album ends on the guitar-heavy “Confessions of a Daydream,” which features some confounding lyrics, a guest appearance by the Yummy Fur‘s John McKeown, and an epic feel that’s also something different for the band. All the new bits here and there, and the slightly altered course, help to make Paperback Ghosts the most accessible Comet Gain record yet, without compromising any of the burning passion that has made them so important to their loyal fans. Here’s to another 22 years of brilliant albums!” (All Music)

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The Vaselines: Crazy Lady (Video-Single, 2014)

El último vídeo-single de The Vaselines es muy cinematográfico…


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ScotDrakula: Stupid everything (Fleeting Youth Records, Single, 2014)

ScotDrakula consists of three young musicians from Melbourne, Australia (Matt Neumann- Guitar/Vocals; Evianne Camille – Drums/Vocals; and Dove Bailey – Bass/Vocals) that mix beer-soaked garage rock with biting teenage snark and a profound love of punk culture.
“Stupid Everything” is one of our favorite tracks from their flawless album, Burner, set to release on cassette along with their Break Me Up EP on December 9th via Fleeting Youth Records. If you haven’t heard of ScotDrakula before, this song is the perfect introduction as the trio highlight most of their finest traits in one cut: clouds of dusty fuzz guitars, danceable rhythms, and infectious raspy vocals that hang in your ears long after the song fades.


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Amor de Tokyo: Herida abierta (Vídeo-Single, 2014)

“Herida abierta” es el cuarto single de adelanto que nos presenta Amor de Tokyo, y como ya viene siendo costumbre lo hace acompañado de imágenes, en éste caso se trata de un divertido y bailable videoclip. 
Las canciones de “Lujo asiático” se editará en dos partes, dos discos de 5 canciones de más de 25 minutos de duración cada uno.
El próximo 21 de Noviembre estará disponible el primero de éstos discos en todas las plataformas musicales.
Amor de Tokyo anuncia que habrá dos fechas de conciertos antes de que acabe el año 2014, y que serán muy especiales tanto por las ciudades en los que se harán, como por el formato y por la banda a la que acompañará.


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Laverge: Back to the wild (Ep, 2014)

Sonoridades rockistas y energía punzante llegada desde el Levante. Surgidos en 2013 tras la disolución de varias bandas de la escena valenciana. Se llaman Laverge y ésta es su carta de presentación.


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Molé: Sit by my side (Musicadeptos, Vídeo-Single, 2014)

Molé ha estrenado el single “Sit by my side” en formato live session, canción que formará parte de su próximo EP y cuya grabación está prevista para febrero de 2015. El vídeo ha sido grabado por Music Estudio Live Session, un equipo de reciente creación compuesto por profesionales del audio, la imagen, el vídeo y la comunicación.
El rodaje tuvo lugar en las instalaciones de Music Estudio. En el vídeo aparecen los tres componentes del grupo valenciano interpretando la canción en directo. Después de debutar el año pasado con el EP “What you try to hide”, Molé presenta, de esta forma, un nuevo single donde mantiene ese estilo fresco y contundente que le caracteriza.
Una live session es un formato de grabación ya muy corriente en Estados Unidos y Reino Unido que cada vez tiene más adeptos en la industria musical. El motivo de esta tendencia es el cambio de hábitos tanto de la industria como del consumidor, donde las redes sociales, el single y el canal YouTube se han convertido en los protagonistas de un nuevo entramado. A día de hoy se contempla como un complemento perfecto a los formatos ya establecidos como son el single, el EP y el LP. 
Molé actuará el viernes 28 de noviembre en la sala Wah Wah de Valencia junto a Novedades Carminha. (Prensa)


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Rec Centre: Monster of the week (2014)

Monster of the Week cover art

Nuestro amigo Alex Hudson (aka. Rec Centre) ha logrado con este tercer trabajo sonar a grupo compacto, a banda curtida, consiguiendo sonidos que en sus grabaciones iniciales no atrapaba (aunque es cierto que aquellas rezumaban una mayor frescura). Incluso ha reunido a una banda alrededor suya para registrar este Monster of the week (2014), un trabajo con el que aunque sónicamente se aleja ya de sus presupuestos más Noise iniciales, nos muestra un Rec Centre mucho más curtido en la melodía, en sonidos tardo setenteros, preñados de sintetizadores, con bases rítmicas impecables e impetuosas, situadas en muy primeros planos; y sobre todo especializado en unos estribillos arrebatadores y llenos de magia:
Like I care, Monster of the week, Initials, Laser floyd, Celebrity deaths, Evil twin… son temas enteros, de una pieza, sin fisuras, en una línea más cercana al Power-Pop absolutamente contagiosa y que no tendrían nada que envidiar a cualquier One Hit Wonder de décadas pasadas. Mención aparte para un pequeño islote llamado Human Entertainment, un corte más cercano al Electro-Kraut, con una base igualmente pesada y rocosa que junto con Vowel Shift, otro corte de tintes cercanos a los ochenta, cierran este Monster of the Week.
Un disco lleno de positividad, ironía y esa frescura que han ido jalonando los tres trabajos de este canadiense al que determinados medios deberían dedicar mucha más atención.

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Skategang: Freya Police (Requiem por un Twister-Gone with The Weed, Ep, 2014)

Pop-Punk llegado desde Francia, sin otras pretensiones, intuyo, que las de pasar un buen rato y divertir al personal…

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A Sunny Day in Glasgow: Sea when absent (Slumberland, Lefse, 2014)

Frialdad Calculada

En el cuarto trabajo de A Sunny Day in Glasgow, el combo americano-australiano ha facturado un sonido friamente calculado, metódicamente desarrollado hasta el detalle, pese a que sus ideas sobrevuelan el océano pues no todos sus residentes conviven.
Su autodefinición es “Dreamy Pop Music”, y sería un buen punto de partida, pero quién es el guapo que se atreve a calificar como simplemente Dream temas como la envolvente Crushin´o la juguetona Boys turn into girls (Initiation rites). Shoegaze ambiental, envolturas electrónicas, paisajes post-rock, ambientes que nos hacen ver en seguida que el sonido de A Sunny Day in Glasgow es mucho más que una adscripción a una simple moda sonora, su expansión va mucho más allá, hasta los límites que el propio oyente de sus álbumes les exija…
En su defecto, demasiada belleza fría, una frialdad sin duda calculada y a la vez algo distante.

“Music that overflows with so many ideas runs the risk of sounding cluttered, but Sea When Absent manages to avoid that pitfall. And that’s pretty impressive, given the disjointed way it was recorded: The six members of the band (Daniels, Goma, Fredrickson, drummer Adam Herndon, bassist Ryan Newmyer, and multi-instrumentalist Josh Meakim) are now scattered across Australia, New York, and Philadelphia, and the album came together as they sent each other snippets of songs, with creative decisions made via lengthy group email chains. The result is an album structured in layers with many overlapping ideas, as fragmentary and luminous as light through a prism. The sweetly singsong-y “MTLOV (Minor Keys)” has the feel of a round, with Goma and Fredrickson’s voices braided into rich harmonies. Then there’s the stone-cold gorgeous “In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry in the Tradition of Passing)”, which flirts with moments of dissonance and glitchiness (the pre-chorus sounds like nothing so much as a poorly connected Skype call) only to make the moments of sudden clarity feel that much more satisfying.
When A Sunny Day in Glasgow put out “In Love With Useless” as a single, they also released a lyric video for it—which is kind of funny, because they’re not exactly a “lyrics band.” Granted, they’ve pushed the vocals higher into the mix this time around, but it’s usually next to impossible to understand what Goma and Fredrickson are singing. Not that it matters; ASDIG’s music is more about the experience of getting blissfully lost in a feeling, and if their music were too literal or word-based it might take you out of that odd, dreamlike state.
“When Ashes Grammar came out,” Daniels recently recalled, “I thought it was a really loud rock record for a year, and then a friend was like, ‘This is really chilled-out and ambient.’” With Sea When Absent, A Sunny Day in Glasgow have finally made that loud rock record—full of crashing percussion and screaming guitars—but without abandoning the ambiance that makes them so distinct. Sea When Absent has the quality of one of those spectacularly bright summer days when they color in everything seems a little over-saturated, and it induces the same dizzy, woozy feeling you get after staring directly at the sun. Play it loud enough to see spots” (Pitchfork)

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Halasan Bazar: How to be ever happy (Requiem por un Twister, Moon Glyph, Re-2014)

“The Halasan Bazar debut was finished, but still missing a title. Eckhoff described the post-recording time as one of existential struggle, prompted by a “naive vision of love being put to the test.” The ex- which is the “you” of most of his songs returned from India with a present for Eckhoff, a joke gift in the form of a
paperback titled How To Be Every Happy. “I immediately knew it to be the perfect title for these depressed and confused songs.”
How To Be Ever Happy was soon released on Steve Rosborough ́s Moon Glyph, on a small run cassette edition. Upon its original release Steve reflected on the records attraction: “the group builds dreamy, pastoral tunes sonically fitted between ’60s folk, AM pop & heaven-gazing psych. Armed with an abundance of instruments & sonics, the complex soundscapes of “How ToBeEverHappy” explore themes of alienation, love & the inner-battle. The slow, strumming genesis of “Figure It Out” matures into a blossoming of circular guitars & deep-seated hooks. On an album of never-ending gems, “Mountaintops” stands outwith its lush arrangements, sun-kissed guitars & infectious, buoyant harmonies. A brilliant new voice is here in Halasan Bazar & How To Be Ever Happy marks their great metamorphosis.”
And now, 2 years on, with the partnership of Requiem Pour Un Twister and Moon Glyph, Halsan Bazar’s How To Be Ever Happy has been remastered for vinyl pressing” (Press)

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Marble Arch: The bloom of division (Requiem por un Twister, 2014)

Dreamgazers o Shoegazers ambientales. El hecho es que estos parisinos han facturado un disco sensible y de tonos suaves más que agradable a oídos acostumbrados a sonidos del tipo The Wake, New Order, Beach Fossils, Craft Spells

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Le Rug: Dudley (Fleeting Youth Records, Single, 2014)

Bocanadas de oscuro Post-Punk

So far 2014 has been a rough ride for Weiss: the break up of Butter the Children, a broken engagement, benzo weening, bi-polar wrestling, hanging up on suicide hotlines, back and forth trips to Bangkok, and now homelessness. Before returning to NYC this past month, Ray somehow recorded a new Le Rug album (which he says is the last) entitled Swelling (My Own Worst Anime). Entirely played, produced, and mixed by Weiss himself, Swelling is an intense and debased record full of death, cynicism, and heartbreak. 
The first single from the album is the intense and foreboding Dudley. Laced with a rumbling guitar tone and Weiss’ unhinged wails, Dudley tells a multi-layered tale of Ray’s knife-wielding days in a Thai slum, being torn between your home and a safe haven, and holding yourself and others to too high of a standard.


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Big Hush: Wholes (Ep, DZ Tapes, 2014)

Wholes cover art

Algo así como Folk-Gazers

“The band plays patient shoegaze folk sentiments, with crystalline vocal harmonies piercing through three layers of fuzzy sepia-toned guitar. Hazy rock melodies washed in sunburnt distortion flow through all four tracks, blanketing your ears in an enigmatic overdrive like a warm breeze enveloping your outstretched hand while cruising windows-down on an open road in the mid-afternoon. Dreamy and seductive, this release will have you feeling somewhere between a comatose kitten and a hypnotized house plant”

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Ratboys: Space blows (Single, 2014)

“Julia plays guitar and sings, Dave does everything else kentucky sucks no it doesn’t. Post-Country”

A veces el espacio también puede explotar…


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Bigott: Pavement Tree (Grabaciones en el Mar, 2014)

Pavement Tree cover art

Acaba de salir a la venta Pavement Tree, el nuevo álbum de Bigott, esa especie de crooner anacrónico con trazas de sonidos de la Americana.

“De nuevo el artista zaragozano se reinventa con un disco sorprendente, con un sonido brillante y preciosista forjado junto a Jeremy Jay, que se ha encargado de las labores de grabación y producción.
‘Pavement Tree’ es probablemente su mejor colección de canciones hasta la fecha y Baby Lemonade, Echo Valium, It’s Ok o la misma Pavement Tree ocupan, desde ya mismo, el podium en la trayectoria de este artista sorprendente y único”

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Gira de presentación:
06 Valencia (Wah Wah)
07 Logroño (Biribay)
08 Pamplona (Totem)
21 Zaragoza (Oasis)
22 BCN (Music Hall)
29 Madrid (Copernico)

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Will Spector y Los Fatus: Paquete de tabaco (Vídeo-Single, 2014)

Una mezcla algo cabrona entre Devo, Moon Duo y sonidos más cercanos al Garaje, Will Spector y Los Fatus lanzan este Paquete de Tabaco, una oda al tabaquismo, al brandy y a las orgías gastronómicas. Vamos, todo muy hispano…
Adelanto de Fuma Cabrona, el próximo trabajo del combo, a aparecer en breve.

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Haunted Hearts: Initiation (Zoo Music, 2014)

Dee Dee Penny y Brandon Welchez son una de las parejas más cool de la escena musical norteamericana. Y extrañamente, no ha sido hasta 2014 (hubo un single en 2012) que no han dado en iniciar este proyecto conjunto llamado Haunted Hearts.
Personalmente, no soy muy de Dum Dum Girls, pero sí mucho de Crocodiles. Y la mezcla de ambos tampoco ha dado como resultado un disco espectacular. Ni mucho menos.
Para empezar, tiran demasiado del repertorio de influencias de Crocodiles, y más bien pareciera un disco de descartes de éstos que una obra firmada a medias con Dee Dee. A saber: mucho Noise-Pop, algo de Kraut y algunos aportes de juguetes electrónicos (Love incognito), que le dan ese aire tan cool a casi todo lo que toca Welchez.
En cualquier caso, se echan en falta canciones redondas, hits instantáneos de esos a los que los Crocodiles nos tienen acostumbrados. A cambio, rendiciones a JMC (Something that feels bad is something that feels good, House of Lords, Up is up -but so is down-), a Echo and The Bunnymen (Strange intentions: no sé por qué, pero no me quito el Killing moon de la cabeza al oírla…), Kraut (Johnny Jupiter), y algo que personalmente cada vez me llama menos la atención, y es esa pose algo manida, mojigata y ridícula de querer dotar de imágenes sexuales más o menos transgresoras a según qué canciones (Initiate me): estamos en el siglo XXI.
En fin, un disco que tiene buenos momentos pero que quizás ofrezca más sombras que luces. Habría que darle un tiempo, y mucho me temo que éso sería precisamente lo peor que podría ocurrirle.

“Problem is, the fuzzy approximations of heroin kisses and blissed­-out dreams just never find an identity of their own. When “Johnny Jupiter” comes on, just the name “Johnny” brings to mind one of the most iconic names used in music to being so cool, to being angry, to being a shooting star, to name only a few. It speaks to Haunted Hearts’ obsession with the knee-jerk signifiers that surround the record—devil-may-care anti-heroes, drag queens and Hubert Selby Jr. novels, intravenous parties and dead-eyed dancing. But it just stays so symmetrical. Dee Dee and Welchez sing about love in such a detached way, you won’t know where their ennui ends and yours begins.
The Dee Dee­-featured ballad “Love Incognito” is a welcome ray of sunshine. She finally opens up on the chorus with words plain and sweet, “I see you/ Yes I do/ You didn’t think I could.” Thanks to her energy on the chorus, the song blossoms out in a way the mid­tempo mod rock surrounding it never quite does. But it still all adds up to something so familiar and unspecific—straight songs whose subject matter beg them to be anything but. Maybe it’s the intimacy they shared recording this together in their apartment while holed up over last winter, spinning krautrock and Spiritualized records that drove them so far away from the outside world and into themselves. On the closing epilogue “Bring Me Down”, the couple coo to each other, “Well you’ve been bad/ But you’re the best I’ve ever had.”  It plays like the last song on a Love Mixtape they made for each other; a comp about Haunted Hearts’ little secrets and favorite music that ultimately means more to Dee Dee and Welchez than anyone else” (Pitchfork

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