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Retro-Visor – Buzzcocks: Another music in a different kitchen (United Artits, 1978)

Another Music in a Different KitchenHace dos semanas se produjo el triste final como grupo de Ramones, con la muerte de su último componente original vivo. Hoy nos apetece ponernos de nuevo speedicos y ponernos a bricar pogo con la música frenética de Buzzcocks. Los de Manchester fueron otra de las puntas del iceberg que el Punk sembró a lo largo del universo musical, en este caso en el Reino Unido. 
Another music in a different kitchen fue su primer trabajo. Quince cañonazos absolutamente energizantes en el que destacan sus dos sencillos: Orgasm addict y What do I get?

“General judgment holds the Buzzcocks‘ peerless singles, the definition of punk-pop at its finest, as the best expression of their work. However, while the singles showcased one particular side of the band, albums like the group’s long-playing debut Another Music showcased the foursome’s other influences, sometimes brilliantly. The big secret is Shelley‘s worship of Krautrock’s obsessive focus on repetition and rhythm, which transforms what would be “simply” basic punk songs into at-times monstrous epics. The ghost of Can particular hovers even on some of the shorter songs — unsurprising, given Shelley‘s worship of that band’s guitarist Michael Karoli. “Moving Away From the Pulsebeat” is the best instance of this, with a rumbling Maher rhythm supporting some trancelike guitar lines. As for the sheer rush of pop craziness, Another Music is simply crammed with stellar examples. Lead-off track “Fast Cars” starts with the opening of Spiral Scratch‘s “Boredom”‘s intentionally hilarious two-note solo intact, before ripping into a slightly bemusing critique of the objects in question. Most of the similar tracks on the album may be more distinct for their speed, butShelley in particular always seems to sneak in at least one astonishing line per song, sometimes on his own and sometimes thanks to Devoto via older cowritten tunes redone for the record. One favorite standout: “All this slurping and sucking — it’s putting me off my food!” on “You Tear Me Up.” Top all this off with any number of perfect moments — the guitar work during the breaks on “Love Battery,” the energizing yet nervous coda of “Fiction Romance,” the soaring angst throughout “I Don’t Mind” — andAnother Music flat out succeeds” (All Music)

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The Mary Onettes: Portico (Labrador, 2014)

Mopey Melodies

Día dedicado hoy al Pop escandinavo. Durante estos últimos años, por esos lares han tenido a bien facturar algunos de los sonidos más elegantes, refinados y atractivos. Es cierto también que algunas de esas bandas han optado por tomar algunas vías de escape más cercanas al Ambient o incluso a la Electrónica.
Algo así ha ocurrido con The Mary Onettes. Su sonido es algo así como una recreación de ciertos sonidos de los ochenta: guitarras atemperadas, teclados en primer plano, ambientes algo melancólicos e incluso fríos. Y también es cierto que un trabajo como Portico (Labrador, 2014), si no fuera por banderines de enganche como Naive Dream, quizás caería en su interés. El resto de cortes no están a la altura de este sencillo extraído para ser continuación de su exitoso Hit the Waves (Labrador, 2013).


“After making the best record of their career in 2013 with Hit the Wavesthe Mary Onettes returned quickly with the Portico EP. Rather than sounding like a stopgap between full albums as many EPs do, the set is a fully realized, tightly constructed work that scales back some of the sonic explorations of Waves while still retaining the punchy, hooky songs. Starting off with one of the best songs they’ve written, “Silence Is a Gun,” the Ekström brothers showcase their ever improving songwriting skills and their way with a synthy, gloomy hook. The best moments are when they hook their mopey melodies to a fast-moving rhythm track, as on “Silence” and the pulsing “Naive Dream,” and hit a kind of New Order-in-a-snowstorm sweet spot. There are also a couple of moments where the brothers aim for something more glacially epic (“Bells for Stranger”) and majestically sad (“Ritual Mind”) and they hit the mark there, too. Portico is another nice step in the band’s progression and shows that Hit the Waves wasn’t a lucky fluke; they have the goods to make some truly great modern synth pop and come very close again here” (All Music)

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Cocoanut Groove: How to build a maze (Fortuna Pop! Single, 2014)

“How to Build a Maze” is the title track from the second album from Cocoanut Groove, due for release on 4 November. Fronted by Olov Antonsson, it’s their first as a full band, the debut album Madeleine Street (2008) having essentially been a solo project. Hailing from the North of Sweden, Antonsson wears his1960s baroque pop influences on his sleeve, along with traces of latter day guitar pop like The Smiths and The Clientele, and folk acts like Vashti Bunyan and Nick Drake.

The songs for How to Build a Maze were written and recorded over quite a long period of time. Bleaker and less naive than their debut it’s still no great departure, with Olov continuing to strive for 60s pop perfection, attempting to write something as beautiful as “Beechwood Park” by The Zombies or “World Of You” by The Aerovons. As well, there are quite a few traditional Swedish folk melodies hidden on the album, like the ones you find on the album “Jazz på svenska” by Swedish pianist Jan Johansson.

Recorded in various places around Olov’s hometown Umeå, with no professional recording studios involved whatsoever, the album is about getting lost in different ways – losing your way in city streets, losing friends and watching summers pass. The theme can be summed up by this simple definition from Wikipedia: “A maze is a tour puzzle in the form of a complex branching passage through which the solver must find a route.”

Having taken their name from a Lovin’ Spoonful/Roger Nichols song, Cocoanut Groove formed in 2007 with Olov writing and recording the song “The End Of The Summer On Bookbinder Road”, which became their debut single. Olov writes all the songs and plays guitar, as well as bass, piano and whatever else is needed. Over the years (and on this record) he has been joined by Calle Thoor, Anton Runesson and William Andersson (drums), Josef Ringqvist (bass), Mattias Malm (guitar, keys, vocals, arrangements, percussion and whatnot), Ivar and Gunnar Lantz (strings) and Frida Danielsson (trumpet).

Cocoanut Groove follow in a grand tradition of Swedish indiepop, with a focus on melody and beauty, tinged with melancholy. From the long, dark winters to the respite of the dreamy summers, the songs talk of escaping the city and pining for the countryside, about unemployment and having nothing to do but drink coffee and watch the birds fly.


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The Citradels: Drone and Rethroned (2014)

Droned and Rethroned cover art

Mantras y Psicodelia

Como ya dijimos en alguna otra ocasión, The Citradels son una de esas bandas de las que te puedes enamorar nada más escuchando su nombre (como el de un viejo tema de la mejor época de los Rolling Stones), puesto que me evocan, directamente, Psicodelia, sonidos de los sesenta, evocación y viajes astrales.
Su sonido: simple, sencillo y efectivo. Drone, Psicodelia, mantras sonoros… Un álbum de lo más entretenido que puedes conseguir en la red, al precio que consideres oportuno.

“The Citradels like drone jams at 65bpm in D. We favour simplicity over technicality, atmosphere over noise and feeling over ability. We hope you enjoy what we have worked hard to create”

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Hot Glass: Melted (Ep, 2014)

El Shoegaze mola. Y mola más si un solo tipo se dedica a hacerlo en casa, con la quietud y la tranquilidad que da el llevarlo todo a tu terreno y controlar cada paso que das.
Ryan Balch es el responsable absoluto del sonido de Hot Glass, quienes publicaron a comienzos de este año este Melted, una pequeña recopilación de temas no aparecidos anteriormente. 

“a little collection of songs and covers which were played but not released from 2012/2013. a stop gap, you might say, before ep #2 so you don’t forget”

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Saving Spires: We should be dead (Together) (Critical Heights, Single, 2014)

Fantasmagoría y Freak-Folk. Algo así suena este We should be dead (together), el sencillo que da nombre al último trabajo de los británicos Saving Spires.

“Savaging Spires pass through the songs like ghosts, drawn from the circle around since departed Midlands favorites Virgin Passages, make the most of whatever acoustic instruments might be at hand on these collected recordings. There is an exciting feeling inherent in the tracks that someone could walk into the room at any time and add percussion or piano or guitar or an additional octave in the soaring choruses. It is rare that songs of this depth and range can feel so loose – while also being delicate and swirling in intensity. You can feel the act of creation in every note or creak or cadence and it is intoxicating. The results are not overtly folk or psych or pop or rock yet they appeal to all of those senses at once. What they are is English, in the purest sense. Not London trying to be cool England, but the real England.” (Critical Heights)


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Cheap Riot: Part time vacancy (Croque Macadam, Single, 2014)

Punk melódico, Punk-Pop… el sonido de Cheap Riot es algo así como un Garaje Pop de tintes Retro, temas divertidos y actitud desenfadada. Su portada te puede dar una pista…

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93 Million Miles From the Sun: White Noise Revisited 2007​/​2013 (2013)

A collection of the best bits of the last 6 years. 26 tracks of 93MillionMilesFromTheSun. Some previously un released, remastered and complete new versions of our favourite tracks!


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Los Viernes: Los Viernes (Dice Discos, 2014)

Indie Pop desenfadado, con letras a medias entre ingenuas y algo surrealista, giros y variaciones musicales… y ese acento Rioplatense para este lunes en TJB.

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Forever Pavot: Le Passeur d´Armes (Requiem por un Twister, Croque Macadam, 2014)

Música Psicodélica, música cinemática, música incidental… Forever Pavot son una banda con querencias Psicodélicas y sonoridades cercanas a Jacco Gardner o Ennio Morricone.

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Retro-Visor – John Coltrane: A love supreme (1965)

A Love Supreme“Easily one of the most important records ever made, John Coltrane‘s A Love Supreme was his pinnacle studio outing that at once compiled all of his innovations from his past, spoke of his current deep spirituality, and also gave a glimpse into the next two and a half years (sadly, those would be his last). Recorded at the end of 1964, Trane‘s classic quartet of Elvin JonesMcCoy Tyner, and Jimmy Garrison stepped into the studio and created one of the most thought-provoking, concise, and technically pleasing albums of their bountiful relationship (not to mention his best-selling to date). From the undulatory (and classic) bassline at the intro to the last breathy notes, Trane is at the peak of his logical yet emotionally varied soloing while the rest of the group is remarkably in tune withColtrane‘s spiritual vibe. Composed of four parts, each has a thematic progression leading to an understanding of spirituality through meditation. From the beginning, “Acknowledgement” is the awakening of sorts that trails off to the famous chanting of the theme at the end, which yields to the second act, “Resolution,” an amazingly beautiful piece about the fury of dedication to a new path of understanding. “Persuance” is a search for that understanding, and “Psalm” is the enlightenment. Although he is at times aggressive and atonal, this isn’t Trane at his most adventurous (pretty much everything recorded from here on out progressively becomes much more free, and live recordings from this period are extremely spirited), but it certainly is his best attempt at the realization of concept — as the spiritual journey is made amazingly clear. A Love Supreme clocks in at just over 30 minutes, but if it had been any longer it could have turned into a laborious listen. As it stands, just enough is conveyed. It is almost impossible to imagine a world without A Love Supreme having been made, and it is equally impossible to imagine any jazz collection without it” (All Music)

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Blank Realm: Grassed Inn (Fire Records, 2014)

Grassed Inn

Estos chicos de Brisbane facturaron a comienzos de año uno de los trabajos más eclécticos surgidos en los últimos tiempos en el panorama Indie. Para ello han tirado del manual Kiwi-Rock así como de material más cercano a la Psicodelia o al Rock más neoyorquino.
Sirva este post como recordatorio de que la banda gira en España los dos próximos días:

19 Julio: Debadada, San Sabastian
20 Julio: FIB Festival, Benicassim

Blank Realm‘s 2012 album Go Easy wasn’t widely released until the following year, so when Grassed Inn arrived at the beginning of 2014, it felt like the band’s creativity was running at a breakneck pace. While that wasn’t exactly true, Grassed Inn is still a marked leap forward. Go Easy suggested thatBlank Realm had more potential and ambition than many of the other bands reviving fuzzy college rock from the late ’80s and early ’90s, and the best moments here fulfill that promise. Lead track “Falling Down the Stairs” shows just how much they’ve progressed: brisk keyboards and crystalline guitars reflect the band’s dedication to pop (and their fondness for the Flying Nun sound), while the detours they take on the verse-chorus-verse path prove they haven’t cleaned up their act too much. This newfound focus extends to Grassed Inn‘s rangier tracks as well. “Bulldozer Love”‘s nearly nine-minute length feels purposeful instead of rambling, and the determined grooves here and the joyously anthemic opener “Back to Flood” feel like forces of nature. As Blank Realm‘s sound gets cleaner, their influences blur together in unexpected ways: the expansive repetition of “Even the Score” evokes the ecstatic chug of the Velvet Underground and Spiritualized as well as the Krautrock Motorik that has always inspired them. Grassed Inn also finds the band reveling in a wider range of sounds and textures; “Violet Delivery”‘s synths and drum machines add a different dimension to the band’s psychedelic haze even as they blend in perfectly. Perhaps more importantly, Blank Realm expand their palette of moods on Grassed Inn, and some of the album’s saddest moments are also the best. There’s a desperation in the screeching synth that pierces “Baby Closes the Door”‘s murky meditation on loss to its core, while “Reach You on the Phone” tangles tough and wistful sentiments into something thrillingly bittersweet. These trips to the dark side add even more depth to an album that’s a significant step forward for Blank Realm, and some of their most enjoyable music yet” (All Music)

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Swervedriver: Deep wound (Single, 2013)

El primer material registrado de Swervedriver en quince años es este tremendo sencillo llamado Deep Wound. Los británicos supieron rodearse de gente de prestigio como Mark Gardener o Albert di Fiore para facturar este potente single a medio camino entre el Grunge y el Noise más contundente. 


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Departure Kids: Wanking too hard (Requiem por un Twister, Howling Banana Records; Single, 2014)

Power-Pop del de toda la vida. Jovencitos y desenfadados, su música destila energía y melodía: Beatles, Badfinger, Jam, Remains… te gustarán.


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My Violent Ego: May you find yourself (Ep, 2013)

“Christy and Paolo, a dreampop shoegaze two piece from nowhere”

Dúo Shoegazer proveniente de Roma (Paolo Miceli) y Escocia (Christy Brewster). Su música es sencilla, sigue los cánones clásicos del Dreamgaze y tiene la capacidad suficiente para sugerir y emocionar… 


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Basketball Shorts / Surfin’ Mutants Pizza Party: Split Single (Fleeting Youth, 2014)

“Austin-based party punkers Basketball Shorts collide with Quebec’s one-man bedroom-punk alien Surfin’ Mutants Pizza Party on their forthcoming split due out July 22nd on cassette and digital formats via Fleeting Youth Records.
If you like infectious, upbeat songs that reference skateboarding, video games, Forrest Gump, Macho Man Randy Savage, aliens, and nihilistic inebriation, than this split is for you! Both bands have a knack for creating memorable punk ear worms that’ll crawl in and out your cortex all week. Basketball Shorts take care of the high energy party punk with grin-inducing 90s kid pop culture references and SMPP covers moody garage/surf punk for jaded skaters”

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TV Girl: French exit (2014)

French Exit cover art

Back to Summer

Bandcamp y Soundcloud han servido, en estos últimos años, como medio de expresión para numerosísimos talentos que de ninguna manera hubieran tenido acomodo en los medios habituales y tradicionales de grabación y edición. 
TV Girl surgió allá por 2010 como el proyecto Bedroom-Sampler-Pop de Brad PeteringTrung Ngo. Éste último abandonó el barco el año pasado, pero sin embargo, TV Girl se ha consolidado, y en este 2014 han editado su álbum de debut.
Como en anteriores entregas, Tv Girl han continuado apostando por ese Pop de dormitorio, de líneas sencillas, trazos sobrios y adornos sampleados o encajados.

Birds don´t sing es su primer sencillo, pero a ella le acompañan otros cortes que hacen de este French exit todo un ameno entretenimiento que puede acompañar las tórridas tardes veraniegas que (se supone) nos acompañarán durante esta temporada estival, una colección de pequeñas gemas Pop sabiamente encajadas y ensambladas para tu disfrute.

“French Exit is TV Girl’s debut album. Depending on how you look at it. 12 songs about lost lust, too much love and not enough”

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Wednesday July 16: Vancouver at Fortune City Sound Club with Reef Shark

Thursday July 17: Seattle at Sunset Tavern with USF

Friday: July 18: Olympia at the Northern with Globelamp

​Saturday: July 19: Tacoma at Bob’s Java Jive with Hot Cops

Sunday July 20: Portland at Mississippi Studios with Vektroid

Monday July 21: Enterprise Oregon at The OK Theatre

​Tuesday July 22: Boise at the Crux with Leaf Raker

Wednesday July 23: Salt Lake City at Kilby Court with Dirty Gold

July 25-27: Denver doing Various Shows at the Underground Music Festival

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Tyrannosaurus Dead/Joanna Gruesome: Split Single (Odd Box Records, 2014)

Dos grupos evidentemente cercanos al Fuzzy y al Pop más ruidoso comparten single este próximo 21 de Julio. Buenas noticias para los seguidores del género y de estas dos divertidas bandas.

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Mark Alan Lofgren: The Past Perfect (2014)

the past perfect cover art

No creo que tenga nada que ver, pero el título del álbum de debut de Mark Alan Lofgren (The Luck of Eden Hall): The Past Perfect tiene alguna relación con la música que durante estos últimos veinte años Mark ha ido absorbiendo y asimilando. Y además, no hay rastro del sonido que el bajista factura con su banda. Es decir, no hay ese Grunge-Pop que los de Chicago suelen ejecutar.
En The Past Perfect hay un paseo por el Pop-Psicodélico (Never coming back, Undertow, The traffic in her room), por el Pop más barroco de Citadel; e incluso el Indie más cercano al Shoegaze-Ridesque de Nearsighted Andy.
Un trabajo interesante, hecho con mimo y que hay que escuchar desde posiciones digamos que… relajadas.

“The Past Perfect is a collection of songs about lost people, love lost, insomnia, hitting the road, hoping for better things and looking backwards into time to find a way to somehow move forward. I like imagining and writing through different characters, like the lost surfer dude in Roosevelt or the the street worn dreamer in Nearsighted Andy. This album is for my wife, Ally, and all my family and friends who have seen me through the good times and bad. I hope you enjoy it”

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