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The Popguns: Lovejunky (Matineé Recordings, Single, 2014)

“A very welcome return for legendary British band The Popguns!  Hailing from Brighton, England, the band’s debut single ‘Landslide’ was released in 1989 on the hip indie label Medium Cool Records and voted into John Peel’s Festive 50 by listeners of the BBC Radio 1 show.  A rush of brilliant singles and albums over the next six years assured the band its place in indie history before they went on extended break.  
Sometime in 2012, the four original members reformed along with a new drummer and backing singer for a series of gigs and this year has seen them play to packed venues in London, Paris, Berlin, and New York, as well as the prestigious Indietracks Festival.  
To commemorate this new activity, the band recently recorded its first new songs in 18 years for this exclusive 7” single.  Lead track ‘Lovejunky’ is an immediate pop hit with incomparable soaring vocals from Wendy Pickles, driving guitars, an insanely catchy chorus, and superb harmonies.  An absolutely glorious comeback, the song is a preview of a new Popguns album ‘Pop Fiction’ scheduled for release later this year.  
The single also features two exclusive b-sides that will not appear on the new album. ‘Long Way To Fall’ is another power pop hit that could have been a single on its own.  It has more of those signature Popguns vocals plus multiple loud guitars, fantastic melodies, and a fierce drumbeat. Final track ‘Home Late’ showcases an altogether more melancholy side of the band, with carefully strummed acoustic guitars and chiming female harmonies among its many charms” (Matineé Recordings)


4 octubre, 2014 - Posted by | The Popguns

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