DIRTY PROJECTORS: Windows open (Domino Recordings, 2020)

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En tiempos convulsos como los que corren, DIRTY PROJECTORS nos proponen un oasis de serenidad y una buena dosis de lirismo. Lástima que precisamente su lanzamiento les haya pillado enmedio de toda esta crisis sanitaria y de indentidad colectiva. Su propuesta es bastante atractiva y verdaderamente puede ayudar a afrontar las veinticuatro horas de cualquiera de nosotros desde otro punto de vista.

Windows Open is the first collection of new Projectors material to feature the lineup of the 2018/19 Lamp Lit Prose tour, these four songs are laidback and yearning, poetic and a bit whimsical. 
If you’ve seen Dirty Projectors live in the last two years, you no doubt saw Maia Friedman rocking the Silvertone and Stratocaster stage left – now she sings lead on all of Windows Open
Today, the band shares “Search For Life”, a classic Projectors ballad with a stunning string arrangement from Oliver Hill (Vagabon, Dust Rider). In the context of this month’s global crisis, it seems to carry a different and deeper resonance.
Windows Open will also feature recent single and music video “Overlord”, a “tongue-in-cheek critique of surveillance” (UPROXX) that’s been praised as both “disconcertingly serene” (Rolling Stone) and “a beautiful, moving, simple pleasure that’s hard to resist”(Consequence of Sound). Another track, “On The Breeze,” feels generous and retrospective, like a peace offering to an impulsive trickster spirit. And closing the collection is “Guarding The Baby,” a song of flint-eyed catharsis. An atmosphere of lightness prevails over Windows Open, and flashes of humor and sweetness carry the day.  
The music of Windows Open was written, produced and mixed by Dave, who co-wrote the words with Maia” (Domino Promotional Sheet)

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