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REV REV REV: One illusion is very much like another (From ‘Kykeon’, Advanced; Fuzz Club Records, 2019)

Pre-Order: Rev Rev Rev - Kykeon,Vinyl,Fuzz Club - Fuzz Club

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Distorsiones chirriantes evocadoras de los mejores noventa, guitarras abrasivas y densas, Noise de primera, sentimientos oscuros para este nuevo trabajo de los italianos REV REV REV, que aparecerá en Septiembre. El adelanto es tremendo…

“The new album, produced by James Aparicio (Spiritualized, Cult Of Dom Keller, Dead Vibrations), marks also their signing on cult indie psych label Fuzz Club. First single ‘Clutching the blade’, out last March and coinciding with their SXSW participation, was received very well on psych / shoegaze webzines and beyond.
“Kykeon” was a psychedelic drink made up of several ingredients, consumed during Eleusinian Mysteries, a set of rites, ceremonies and experiences held in the ancient Greece. Rev Rev Rev’s Kykeon is murky, ritualistic drone-rock including trance-like drumming, fuzzy reverberated guitars, tons of feedback and abrasive atonal sounds. But also Loveless-esque shoegaze sound with Laura Iacuzio’s shadowy, ethereal vocals emerging through all-consuming walls-of-noise.
A certain sense of danger and losing control runs throughout the album – but the package also includes a flight into deep space amid the stars” (Promo Sleeve)

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28 agosto, 2019 - Posted by | Rev Rev Rev

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