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Dreamers – DEATH AND VANILLA: Nothing is real (Advanced Single, Fire Records, 2019)

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Etéreos, libres, espirituales… DEATH AND VANILLA son una banda sueca ya conocida en TJB que van a presentar en breve nuevo disco: Are you a Dreamer?, en la disquera Fire Records. Su música está impregnada por lo mejor del Dream y del Shoegaze. Lo esperamos con ansiedad.

“Prior to recording their new album ‘Are You A Dreamer?’, they scored several soundtracks, that process undoubtedly influencing the new album’s dreamlike euphoria built with added mellotron and affected electric guitar. Expanded with bass and drums in their quest for the grail, Death And Vanilla’s songs are longer; more plush and pampered; more hypnotic and haunting” (Press Note)

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