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Hopefully – COURTNEY BARNETT: Tell me how you feel (Milk, 2018)


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El segundo trabajo de COURTNEY BARNETT, se ha hecho esperar casi tres años, pero es un disco que ha merecido la pena su demora. Circunstancias personales aparte y la magnífica colaboración con Kurt Vile, este Tell me how you feel es un disco fresco, sin grandes pretensiones pero altamente disfrutable y sin embargo con un cierto índice de maduración. Indie-Pop de los noventa, esa onda rockera neoyorquina Television-Reed tan palpable y un toque justo Folkie hacen de este disco uno de los más interesantes del año.

“Courtney Barnett specializes in miniatures, which is why her 2015 debut, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit, was such a wonder: with barbed words and gnarled guitars, she made everyday minutiae seem compelling. Three years in the making — it was delayed in part due to a 2017 collaboration with Kurt Vile — the 2018 sequel, Tell Me How You Really Feel, plays like the flip image of its predecessor. What once was captivating now feels indifferent, delivered with a shrug instead of a snarl. Everything about Tell Me How You Really Feel seems muted, whether it’s the grungy stomp ofBarnett and her band — a group that remains steadfastly and proudly stuck in the glory days of ’90s alt-rock — or her words, which now seem to meander to a point instead of cutting to the quick. As she’s a good craftswoman, the songs are by and large sturdy, but that talent also cuts against the success ofTell Me How You Really Feel: when they’re matched with the appealing yet incurious performances, everything feels a bit too cozy. Sometimes, a hook or a clever line cuts through the amiable haze — and “Charity,” with its chorus of “so subservient I make myself sick,” manages to blend both — but Tell Me How You Really Feel isn’t an album of moments, it’s a collection that sustains a mood: a mood that’s ragged and slack, but too dulled to charm” (All Music)

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17 noviembre, 2018 - Posted by | Courtney Barnett

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