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Teenage Loves – JULIANA HATFIELD SINGS OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN (American Laundrymat, 2018)


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“When Juliana Hatfield was a kid, Olivia Newton-John was the first pop star to cast a spell upon her. The spell never lifted, not when Hatfield fell for punk as a teen, nor when she became a rocker herself in the 1980s, so there was only one path she could choose: to record an album where she could pledge allegiance to her idol. Make no mistake, 2018’s Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-Johnisn’t ironic, nor is it an attempt to turn a perennially uncool pop singer hip. It is simply a love letter, one that conveys what Olivia Newton-John means to Juliana Hatfield. Appropriately enough for a child of the ’70s, Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John evokes images of shag carpets, pastels, and lava lamps, but Hatfield isn’t attempting a re-creation of an era: she’s using elements from the past to paint a portrait of how the music felt to her at the time, and how it still speaks to her now. While she only rarely indulges in significant reworkings — “Physical” is punched-up and punky, “Totally Hot” turns into a louche glam groove, “Make a Move on Me” becomes pleading power pop — the takes often don’t sound straight, thanks to the record’s homespun charm and the smart arrangements. Hatfield is a sharp record-maker, understanding when to let harmonies pile up and when to let analog keyboards set the tone, a gift that turns Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John into a sumptuous aural pleasure. The album is also compelling as a testament to the power of fandom, illustrating how this kind of love is sustaining and creatively nourishing” (All Music)

“I have never not loved Olivia Newton-John. Her music has brought me so much pure joy throughout my life. I loved her when I was a child and I love her still. Her voice and her positive energy and her melodies have stood the test of time and they give me as much pleasure now as they ever did. Listening to her is an escape into a beautiful place. She has inspired me so much personally and I just wanted to give something back; to share some of these tremendous songs, reinterpreted, with love, by me” (Juliana Hatfield)

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