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Mature – THE LUXEMBOURG SIGNAL: Blue Field (Shelflife, 2017)

Blue Field

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Este es un grupo que realmente me gusta. Han madurado y han limpiado algo su sonido, pero no han perdido para nada su buen gusto por las grandes melodías y canciones. Su capacidad compositiva ha crecido incluso, así como su formación: ahora son siete miembros entre los cuales hay dos voces femeninas, lo que les da un aire más cálido y cercano aún si cabe. Una perfecta conjunción de buen Pop con guitarras justamente distorsionadas y un toque de Emo que nos encanta. Banda a seguir.

“With vocalist Beth Arzy joined by Betsy Moyer, the band now has two excellent singers. They both have breathy, soft voices that sound winsome on their own, while having plenty of emotional power when joined together in harmony. The band responds by backing them with echoing guitars, cloudbursts of keyboard, and a thundering rhythm section. The approach works really well for them, and unlike a lot of bands that sound bloated when they pump up their sound, the Luxembourg Signal come off really well in the bargain. The bandmembers have a strong sense of when to bury the listener in fuzzy waves of sound and when to scale back; they are able to marshall their instruments into hypnotic walls of sound; and they never sacrifice melody for noise. Tracks like the loping “Are You Numb?” and the subdued “Antarctica” prove that the band has a mastery of this hybrid indie pop/dream pop approach, and the rest of the album creates a mood that switches between sweet melancholy and small-scale epicness in ways that most old shoegazers and dream poppers wish they could still manage. They even get aField Mice co-sign with the appearance of that band’s Bobby Wratten as guest lead vocalist on the dreamy “Fall Feeling.” Not only do the Luxembourg Signal sound the equal of the bands that inspired them, with the majestic “Laura Palmer” they’ve crafted something that surpasses those bands on many counts. It’s not an easy trick to pull off, but given the Luxembourg Signal‘s experience, skill, and willingness to bare their melodic emotions, they do pull it off quite often on this album — more so than on their debut, more so than most bands plying a similar trade — which makes Blue Field quite impressive indeed” (All Music)

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