Summer´s come – THE RUNGS: Trees (Single, 2018)

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Pues sí, amigos, el verano ha llegado definitivamente. Esta canción es una demostración fehaciente: Precioso Electro-Pop juguetón y saltarín adornado con bonitas y eficientes guitarras. Todo un acierto.

«It’s exciting to see a band developing their own characteristic sound and continue to advancing it further. “Trees”, the new single by Brooklyn-based alt-pop trio The Rungsmight just be their best piece yet to date.
The track offers everything we came to love from The Rungs: their exquisite guitar work, Mandy Gurung’s characteristically optimistic vocals, the playfulness in form of some analog synths elements, and the overall upbeat production. Bravo! Having followed The Rung’s musical development for the last two years, we are super excited to exclusively premiere “Trees” today.
About the creation of the lovely tune, Mandy reveals the following:

“‘Trees’ came to me one day while I was walking on a trail in the woods in upstate NY. I found myself skipping down through the trees singing this funny song to myself. It’s about being surrounded by nature, and just appreciating and enjoying all of these plants that are so complex and essential» (Glamgare)


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