Mentos – PEACH KELLI POP: Gentle Leader (Mint Records, 2018)

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Recién salido del horno, el cuarto álbum de la banda de Allie Hanlon:PEACH KELLI POP, es una evolución más en el Punk-Pop-Melódico de su banda. Un breve trabajo de diez cortes de esos que se pasan sin pensarlo, jalonado por auténticas delicias como Hello Kittie Knife, Honey, Quiet, la irresistible Black magic, o ese precioso acercamiento Jangle que es King size. Un disco más que disfrutable y de impacto inmediato.  

“After working with other people for the first time on Peach Kelli Pop‘s third album Peach Kelli Pop III, the band’s leader Allie Hanlon did the same thing on 2018’s Gentle Leader. With her live band and a few ringers on hand to contribute, Hanlon delivers the best-sounding and most diverse entry in thePKP catalog. With a mix of jumped-up punk pop gems, strummy midtempo tracks that dial down the noise, and even a couple of ballads, the album mixes the rough with the smooth in perfect fashion as both Hanlon‘s songwriting and vocals have taken a measurable leap forward. After the first two songs, the romping “Hello Kitty Knife” and a lovely cover of the Marine Girls‘ “Honey,” it’s clear right away that this is the best PKP album yet. Hanlon‘s vocals are assured and the harmonies are blindingly bright, the backing band brings the songs to sparkling life, and the production (by Hanlon and Roland Cosio) is simple and strong. The rest of the album reinforces this initial impression as one killer song after another flashes past. Buzzing, hooky rockers that spring out of the speakers like spooked cats (“Black Magic,” “Black Cat 13”), restrained ballads with subtle synths (“Parasomnia,” “Quiet”), jangling indie pop that would make Cub proud to call them labelmates (“King Size”), and loads of peppy punk delights (especially the bittersweet “Cherry [That’s Not Her Real Name]”) that all come together to make this brief album a tiny treasure that makes good on all the promise past Peach Kelli Popalbums have shown. With a little help from her friends, a little more polish on the sound, and some great songs, Gentle Leader makes the case once and for all that Peach Kelli Pop aren’t a novelty band: They’re worthy heirs to the Shonen Knife and Cub heritage Hanlon is so clearly devoted to” (All Music)

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