Come to the Valley – WAVVES: You´re Welcome (Ghost Ramp, 2017)

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Reconozco que me acercaba a este último trabajo de Wavves con cierta pereza. De encontrarme con clichés y patrones ya conocidos. Pero qué narices, Nathan Williams tiene una capacidad innata de producir himnos de tres minutos y de facturar estribillos absolutamente epatantes, a base de ingenio y buenas dosis de humor. Canciones que quizás no transciendan a la posteridad, pero que tienen un cierto poso de permanencia, de perdurabilidad; y ahí está ya la década de trabajo que la banda tiene a sus espaldas.
Me encantan cortes como You´re Welcome, No shade, Million enemies, Animal, Stupid in love (¡qué verso, por dios!), I love you (todo una preciosa mirada al pasado) o la hilarante Come to the valley, una manera perfecta de demostrar que cualquier tiempo pasado (al menos musicalmente) pudo ser mejor…

” It’s still super-catchy and fun, like Wavves at their best usually are, but it’s warped in a very interesting way. The care Williams and Herring put into the sound of each song, the use of odd samples and sounds, the dynamic tension they make sure each song has — it all adds up to something a little more impressive than a bunch of songs all played at maximum volume. Sure, there are a couple of knockout rockers, like “Dreams of Grandeur” and “Exercise,” but even these have weird little production tricks and glitches that make them really stick. The songs that fully give themselves over to the samples are really fun. “Come to the Valley” is a loping pop song with what sounds like a sample of a vocal choir from the ’50s; “I Love You” kicks off with a snippet of an old doo wop song, then segues into a reverb-drenched ballad that sounds like the most honest expression of emotion they’ve ever put on wax. A couple other highlights are the glittery, ’80s-damaged “Million Enemies,” where it sounds like Herring whipped out some of the sounds he used when producingTimbuk 3, and the Alex Gates-penned “Animal,” which sounds weird in context just by being straightforward indie rock. Nathan Williams could have kept cranking out fun and frothy albums like Vwith little effort; it’s good that he decided to stretch his creative muscles a little on You’re Welcome. It’s even better that he came up with a smart and compulsively listenable update on the Wavves sound that kept all their rambunctious energy, but also added some fun tricks and treats” (All Music)

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