Sinfonías Espaciales – RIDE: Weather diaries (Wichita, 2017)

Weather Diaries

Pues como un suspiro. Así se han pasado los años desde que los de Oxford no publicaban nada nuevo. Y lo último es este Weather Diaries, un disco que se pasa, pues eso, en un suspiro. Un trabajo en el que los oídos Shoegazers tienen recovecos suficientes para encontrar un acomodo adecuado. Un gozoso resumen por lo mejor de su carrera. Un disco que lo mismo va de los ambientes más pausados y cercanos al Ambient-Gaze que a su faceta más Pop y guitarrera. Un álbum que es una auténtica gozada. Ahora sí que sus reuniones fugaces estaban justificadas. El tándem BellGardener es capaz de seguir componiendo pequeños himnos y además reivindicar para sí un lugar más que privilegiado en la escena Shoegaze, de la que fueron iniciadores hace ya… algunos años.

“Not wanting to pick up where they left off, Ride hoped to generate the positive energy they felt as they made second album Going Blank Again. Weather Diaries in turn sounds like the work of a version of Ride that perhaps vanished immediately after that set, with neither Carnival of Light nor Tarantula in their past. Much of Weather Diaries lyrically is unmistakably a 2017 work. In the first three songs, there are allusions to Brexit, a reference to an “acid sweating hunchback apparition” who “sets fire to your world,” and the feeling of an “ill wind blowing.” Later, there’s some existentialism, suspicion in another setting that what’s “too perfect” is a mirage, and a bit of reflection about the band’s break and existence. There are also states of contentment and bliss to fill out an emotionally rounded group of songs that looks outward more often than any previous Ride release. Whether downcast or upbeat, drifting or driving, the songs levitate with those familiar sighing/soaring harmonies and cascading guitar lines, and a slight haze that coats almost everything, thickening only for a brief ambient instrumental. There are other flashes of the past, good and bad, from the spring-loaded rhythms to reminders of the sometimes vast qualitative disparity between their melodies and lyrics. Ultimately, compared to their 1996 sendoff, this is more like it” (All Music)

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