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Disco Sweden – CLUB 8: Lost (Labrador, Single, 2017)

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We’ve tried to take a step away from standard instrumentation and perhaps sound a little less typically western on ”Lost” (Karolina Komstedt)

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Disco Sweden – STARS IN COMA: Chalet Saudade (Moonport Recordings, Single, 2017)

“The track starts out as a modern DIY disco song, with resentful lyrical lines about Trump, endless news flow and modern life. By the time we get to the chorus, the song transforms into a schlager-like anthem with chants about simpler times. As we all know, pure nostalgia offers no solution, prompting the character of the song to ‘drink myself to sleep’. However, by the end of the song, he decides it’s better to stay alive and ‘take it all in,’ even if the time he lives in only provide terror and gloominess” (Press)


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