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Crónicas del Bibliotecario – THE SCHOOL BOOK DEPOSITORY: A Fork In The Road For Behavioural Science (Single, 2017)

“With this year’s possibly most complicated title The School Book Depository is following up it’s last single ”Salvation” with a both strange and inspiring pop-cocktail. This catchy tune is a psychedelic trip to the outskirts of sanity where groovy, Motown-flavored hip hop meets catchy pop melodies in an awkward universe where absurdity clashes with geniality. An odd pop gem in a lo-fi outfit that bring both Beck and Eels to mind. When it comes to the lyrics it would probably require a masters degree in both psychoanalysis and behavioural science to figure this one out. The initial line pretty much sets the tone for the lyrical content: “I’m duct taping pork chops under my feet, the comfort it brings, it is stress release for my knees”. If norm criticism is the popular term for this decade, this song sure would be the perfect theme song, bringing the term yet another dimension” (Birds Will Sing for You / Press)

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