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Asperezas – CAR SEAT HEADREST: Teens of denial (Matador, 2016)

Joven, hiperactivo y creador convulso, Will Toledo (CAR SEAT HEADREST) presenta su debut para Matador (una “grande” dentro de las Indies), con polémica y pleitos incluidos con Rick Okasek.
Tiene el aspecto de un Lou Barlow rejuvenecido, así como su facilidad para la melodía y el estribillo pegajoso. A veces nos recuerda al Beck seminal y en cualquier caso, su álbum se caracteriza por una aspereza sonora adornada del mejor Pop de guitarras.

“Teens of Denial is guitar-driven music filled with booksmart lyrics concerned largely with depression, which naturally means that Toledo has been championed in some circles as an “indie rock savior,” whatever that means. It comes at the same time as a widespread feeling that the idea of “indie rock” itself on the wane. These arguments are often folded into an increased irritation at what might be called “white male ennui,” the root cause of so much stylishly produced music over the last however many years. But depression is colorblind, and Toledo treats sadness not as a stopping point, but as transformative. (At any rate, he’s also multiracial.) There’s an honest reckoning with what his wallowing has led to, and rapturous exhortation when logic alone cannot solve a problem. “I’ve got a right to be depressed,” he yells on “Fill in the Blank,” moments after calling himself out as a little whiner. It’s an emotional conclusion that comes at the beginning of the album, a neat reminder that even after a moment of clarity, there’s always farther to go” (Pitchfork)

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15 febrero, 2017 - Posted by | Car Seat Headrest

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