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Bussines as Usual – THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE: Third world pyramid (A Records, 2016)


Con Third World Pyramid, The Brian Jonestown Massacre nos ofrecen algo más de lo ya indagado en los últimos tiempos: pura mezcla de estilos, psicodelia latente en cada surco y un absoluto distanciamiento de cualquier banda que aspire a emularles. 
Una sensación de continuidad que para nada tiene por qué ser negativa, porque con esos elementos, la banda de Anton Newcombe tiene expresividad y fuerza de comunicación suficiente como para ofrecernos otro disco de esos epatantes a los que TBJM nos tiene acostumbrados. 

“Opening with the solemn ‘Good Mourning’, Newcombe’s spouse Katy Lane taking the lead vocal on an acoustic lament that’s part Nico, part Country Joe And The Fish in its make up. “Dying faces all I see” she intones over a wistful, if occasionally pastoral arrangement that sets the scene enigmatically for what follows.
Both ‘Government Beard’ and ‘Don’t Get Lost’ find themselves bathed in orchestral arrangements. The former’s symphonic sound not that dissimilar to the most adventurous moments on My Bloody Valentine’s mbv or even The Beatles’ mid-late Sixties fusion of brass with traditional elements of rock and roll. Meanwhile on the latter, once again ignited by a similar fusion of styles it could easily sit on any Brian Jonestown Massacre record from Their Satanic Majesties Second Request onwards.
Indeed, it’s been Newcombe’s constant refusal to confirm that’s made them such a prodigious outfit and there’s little in the way of uniformed conformity here. At nine-and-a-half minutes long, ‘Assignment Song’ stands tall as the centrepiece of the record. An elongated folk number that depicts sadness and melancholia yet oozes tenacity all the same.
The Eastern tinged instrumental ‘Oh Bother’ follows suit, its stomping rhythmic underbelly made for the dramatic scenes of an updated take on film noir. Likewise ‘Lunar Surf Graveyard’, another instrumental piece that bears all the hallmarks of a celluloid soundtrack in waiting.
Better still is the title track, a piledriving psych rock headrush similar in feel to Dead Skeletons’ ‘Dead Mantra’as Ricky Maymi and Ryan Van Kriedt’s guitars take control while a collusion of male and female remain eerily low in the mix. ‘Like Describing Colors To A Blind Man On Acid’ is perhaps the nearest Third World Pyramid gets to traditional BJM – if there is such a thing. Combining three minutes of classic rock and roll with Newcombe’s distinctive vocal, its arguably the most instantly recognisable by way of artist piece on the record.
Closing with lead single ‘The Sun Ship’, a Sixties-inspired number that recalls The Monkees’ Head soundtrack in both style and execution albeit with a slightly more sinister edge” (Drowned in Sound)

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29 diciembre, 2016 - Posted by | The Brian Jonestown Massacre

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