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Barras de Labios Distorsionadas – PEACH KELLI POP: Halloween Masks (Burguer, 2016)

Tienen pinta de chicas malas, usan esas Gibson en forma de flecha y llevan ese look japo tan divertido. Su música está relacionada con el Riot Grrrl y el Fuzz y te puede resultar muy divertida. Halloween Masks es su último sencillo.

“Peach Kelli Pop plays with the type of urgency and immediacy that appeals to an audience with short attention spans. Hanlon fronts Peach Kelli Pop’s energetic live shows on guitar and vocals and is backed by an assembly of female musicians. The live band consists of an additional guitarist, a bassist, a keyboardist and percussionist and a drummer. Hanlon has been playing with all female musicians in recent years because she recalls being inspired by seeing other women play shows as a teen. In the male-dominated music world, it affirmed her own potential for writing and playing music.
Peach Kelli Pop has their third full length record being released this April on Fullerton, CA label Burger Records. They are doing month long tour of the United States and Canada and a tour in Japan in support of the new album” (Press)

10/10 (Mon/Holi) @ UFO CLUB Higashi-Kenji, Tokyo (with the 5,6,7,8s & more)
10/14 (Fri) @ GREEN APPLE Koenji, Tokyo
10/15 (Sat) @ ZONE-B Waseda, Tokyo


12 octubre, 2016 - Posted by | Peach Kelly Pop

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