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Strawberry Wiplash mostraron sus credenciales Pop con “Stuck in the never ending now” (Matinée, 2015)

Stuck In The Never Ending Now CD

Los escoceses Strawberry Wiplash (Sandra y Laz, de Bubblegum Lemonade, otra de nuestras bandas adoradas en TJB), se consolidaron en el mundo del Pop luminoso con este Stuck in the never ending now (Matinée, 2015); un segundo disco en el que el dúo se muestra mucho más afianzado en sus composiciones, aunque quizás adolezca de esos estribillos más rotundos que aparecían en su debut (Hits in the car, 2012), -no por gusto recibía ese título-.
Stuck… es un disco donde el gusto por el Pop rutilante de siempre no desaparece, antes bien se adorna de un halo de Twee y C86. Laz McCluskey es un compositor brillante, obsesionado por la melodía, y de éso hay mucho en este trabajo. Y en breve lo retomaremos con el nuevo Ep de Bubblegum Lemonade

“Opening track ‘Every Day The Sun Shines Brighter’ starts things off in optimistic fashion with a melodic song about new beginnings, while ‘If Surface Were Depth’ is catchy, playful pop and ‘Too Close To Call’ is a harmonious, multi-layered soundtrack to an indie spaghetti western.
‘Never Ending Now’ is immediately engaging punky pop with scratchy, fast guitars, more great harmonies, and rapid gunfire drumming. ‘Ride The Waves To The Shore’ has a shimmering, bossa nova beat with major seventh chords and groovy bongo backing, while ‘Time Takes You Away’ is all late night New York cool with chugging guitars and a Velvet Underground vibe.
Side two kicks off with the album’s fastest track ‘Halcyon Morning’ providing us with a future indie disco floor filler with C86 fuzzy guitars, a steady drumbeat, and tambourines all racing towards the song’s instrumental coda. ‘All I Ask For Is Everything’ furthers the eclectic mix with a chiming guitar / glockenspiel blend and an incessant back beat reinforcing the selfish nature of the song, while ‘Fly Me Over The Rooftops’ is soaring, immediate pop with detached male backing vocals.
‘A Brave New Scene’ is elegant, multi-layered pop that twinkles and chimes in all the right places, while the funky bass line in ‘Life’s Rich Tragedy’ breaks right through the fourth wall in this musical romp involving an unfaithful method actor in need of direction on stage and in his life. Finally, the album’s poignant swan song ‘This Is All We Have’ opens with an autumnal oboe motif and adds some shimmering guitars before reaching peak loveliness” (Press)


27 julio, 2016 - Posted by | Strawberry Whiplash

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