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Tender Age: Disappear here (Ep, Sinis Recordings, 2016)

La continuación al sublime Get high/Always publicado el pasado otoño es este melancólico Ep, que continúa la línea iniciada por aquel pero tomando también partido por sendas algo más experimentales. Contiene, además, dos versiones de la época más inocente del Rock.

“Recorded, mixed and produced by the band and Eric Sabatino, “Disappear Here EP” is an aural demonstration of the bands more experimental tendency. Intended to be heard as a continuous series of newly recorded material, the EP contains 3 new originals and 2 wild interpretations of classic pop-constructs, as processed through the fuzzed-up and tangled-guitar melodies instinctive to the 5-piece. Additional surprise material weaves in and out of the tracks, sewing together a seamless experience for equal factions of bedroom-pop dwellers and basement-boombox enthusiasts. The lead single, “Lowers” finds the band treading the territory of last year’s single with a penchant for further improvisation and blown out saccharine hooks. Fans of 90’s-era DGC delicacies and the Deal sisters’ playful excursions in sonic reduction will find much to rejoice over. This is the escape, strap on the headphones and close the door behind you” (Press)

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28 abril, 2016 - Posted by | Tender Age

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