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Ringo Deathstarr: Pure mood (Club AC30, 2015)

Pure Mood

Guitarras y Ensoñaciones

Los tejanos Ringo Deathstarr han puesto desde hace tiempo el piloto automático para elaborar discos que rozan la perfección del Shoegaze. Deudores reconocidos y absolutos de los grandes totems del género (Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Ride…), RD tienen guiños en su último trabajo a todos ellos, pero también a grupos como Smashing Pumpkins (Heavy Metal suicide) o a la facción más Dream (Guilt, Dream again, Show me the truth of your love, California car collection) del género.
Un trabajo que no tiene desperdicio y que los amantes del Shoegaze reconocerán como uno de los momentos cumbre de una banda que se ha establecido como un referente moderno del Shoegaze.

Ringo Deathstarr‘s 2015 effort Pure Mood is another excellent example of how to make a modern-age shoegaze album. Pile layers of fuzzy, grungy guitar noise on top of sugary tunes sung in breathless tones, add the occasional twist, and stir. It’s a formula bands have been using since Kevin Shieldsbought his first Jazzmaster, but as on previous albums, RDS show the kind of melodic skill and sonic ability here that allow them to leap ahead of the pack of shoegaze imitators and wannabes. Along with the raft of songs are perfect male/female vocal harmonies and swooning hooks — the kind of stuff they’ve been doling out for years. The album takes a couple of stylistic left turns that are bracing and welcome. “Heavy Metal Suicide” pretty much lives up to its title, swaggering darkly with the guitars giving some serious metal attitude in the verses. The choruses switch back to gauzier realms, but the punch of the guitars helps give the album a boost right out of the gate — especially coming as it does after one of the album’s dreamier interludes, the aptly titled “Dream Again.” That song’s wispy atmosphere is very 4AD and, along with the also very cloud-like and drifty “California Car Collection,” shows another side of the band’s sound. So does the super poppy “Old Again.” Diversions aside, the real power of the album is in songs like “Frisbee” and “Never” that pummel the listener with guitar noise and giant melodies. There are plenty of bands doing roughly the same thing as Ringo Deathstarr, but there are few who do it as well as they do. Pure Mood is proof of that” (All Music)

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