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Jeff The Brotherhood: Global Chakra Rhythms (Infinity Cat Recordings, 2015)

Global Chakra Rhythms

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Durante 2015 Jeff The Brotherhood escenificaron su ruptura con Warner con la edición de este Global Chakra Rhythms, un disco maduro en el que el dúo se aleja de su concepción musical habitual, se hace acompañar de una banda más extensa en el estudio y en los directos. Para ello, facturaron un álbum que es una especie de larga Jam Session donde la experimentación se da la mano con el Kraut y con el Indie de guitarras. 
Un trabajo difícil, que muestra una actitud inquieta de los hermanos Orrall, un deseo de evolucionar y de buscar nuevos horizontes sonoros. 

“Arriving a mere six months after the delayed release of their Warner-funded but independently issued eighth album, Wasted on the Dream, Nashville’s JEFF the Brotherhood make a true break from their short-lived, major-label days with the loose, jammy Global Chakra Rhythms. While the new age title might suggest some sort of quasi-mystical, Putumayo-induced yoga coma, it feels more like an excuse to stretch out with their recently expanded lineup for some languorous, in-studio psych-jamming. After the heightened production values on Wasted on the Dream, the hypnotic, free-form noodling and druggy drones of Global Chakra Rhythms — not to mention its extended playing time — sound blatantly uncommercial, providing a decisive send-off to Warner Bros., with whom JEFF did not part amicably. The hooky power pop and frequent comparisons to Weezer that have dogged brothersJake and Jamin Orrall for years are either missing or cloaked in slinky, spaced-out textures like on the dreamy highlight “Radiating Fiber Plane.” The title cut itself is a chugging seven-minute opus of dithering guitars, organ drones, electric sitar, and wild saxophone, a combo repeated throughout many of the other lengthy tracks. Fans of JEFF‘s earlier, more lo-fi output will enjoy the freer tone and attitude of this album, which cashes in on the band’s stoner and Krautrock tendencies more than anything else they’ve ever released. The addition of touring bandmates Chet Jameson (bass) and Kunal Prakash (guitar) along with a slew of studio guests like the Dead Weather‘s Jack Lawrence andHeavy Cream‘s Jessica McFarland help to create a kinetic, collaborative atmosphere and revive the Orrall brothers’ creative whimsies. JEFF the Brotherhood cover a lot of sonic ground on this one and while its meandering, experimental nature might not lead to an instant connection, Global Chakra Rhythms is a mind-expander worth spending some time with” (All Music)

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15 abril, 2016 - Posted by | Jeff The Brotherhood

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