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Ask for Joy: New private window (Infinitely Recursive Records , 2016)

Calentito. Recién salido del horno. El último Ep de los tejanos Ask for Joy destila las mejores esencias del Shoegaze de todos los tiempos. Si el revival del género tiene sentido es gracias a bandas y a discos como éste.

“I suppose it’s fair to say that the material on New Private Window tends to the seedier side: the lighter and darker sides of substance abuse; a couple’s murder-suicide; sexually suggestive expressions of love and desire. These are the types of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that one might want to keep hidden from friends or loved ones, tucked safely deep within the darkest reaches of the individual. New Private Window explores these stories often kept secret. The title refers to the option in modern Web browsers that starts an untracked session, leaving no search or site traces behind for others to discover. From the seductive entreaties of “Sugar Coma” to the desperate plea for life from the overdosing protagonist in “When Your Heart Stops Beating (An Amp of Epinephrine)”, New Private Window shines a light into a slightly darker corners of the mind: romance three ways, sensual (“Slow Kiss” and “I Shiver I Shake”), raunchy and coercive (“Cherry Popsicle”), and ill-fated (“Lovers Interred”); and acutely heightened sensations of another nature altogether (“Pinprick Eyes”). The music is my attempt to unite the pop songwriting influences and multipart harmonies I grew up with and the fuzzy, pitch-bent, all-enveloping guitar-driven sound that I love in post-punk music. Building up layers of guitar tracks, synthesizers, and thick choir-like background vocals gives the songs on the EP a sense of impenetrability and shelter from prying eyes (or ears)–in much the same way as, say, opening a private browser window would do” (Press)

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15 marzo, 2016 - Posted by | Ask for Joy

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