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Day Ravies: Liminal zones (Strange Pursuits, Sonic Masala Records, 2015)

foto del perfil de Day Ravies

Los australianos Day Ravies se marcaron en el verano de 2015 un disco algo atípico. Partiendo de sus bases Shoegazers, los chicos elaboraron un trabajo preñado de influencias del Post-Punk de los ochenta, del sonido industrial, de los experimentos de Sonic Youth… Un disco sin ninguna concesión comercial de ningún tipo. Sin hits inmediatos, pero con una inmediatez y una sensación insuperable de ansiedad y de necesidad de necesitar más dosis de estos nuevos sonidos de una de las bandas con el nombre más ingenioso y atractivo.

“Get ready to head-bang HAwwwRD: Day Ravies just gave birth to their newest banger Liminal Zones on Sonic Masala Records and Strange Pursuits. With a subtlety that’ll rock and sock your smock off,Liminal Zones finds away to peel all them *eye roll* layers of hater from your heart and get feet moving and hips swaying. Harnessing equal parts rock and gaze, Day Ravies continues to conjure up a wave that’s easy to ride along with and just tall enough to keep you waiting for more. Synth buzzing. Dueling gender vocals. Drumming paces that keep the Liminal Zones energy continuous. A bassline that licks itself in every song. And guitar-work that’s like an unkempt room, “But, yeah, I got it all under control.”Unfortunately (but fortunately for sober listeners), there’s no gimmick or repeatable factors on Liminal Zones from song to song in order to play a drinking game. But who needs a game to drink? Day Ravies should just be blasting your buds constantly enough that if y’all got a Fosters on the Staten Island ferry, but the clerk said it waswarm, you should still pay for it (or two) and glug-glug away before the ship captain goes “Land Ho!” Either way, Liminal Zones by Day Ravies is out TODAY on Sonic Masala Records and Strange Pursuits, and looking for listeners to sway with” (Tiny Mixtapes)

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10 marzo, 2016 - Posted by | Day Ravies

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