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Corner Suns: Corner Suns (Ep, 2015)

Corner Suns cover art

Brandon Carr (The Earlies) y John Dulfiho (Apples in Stereo), han creado Corner Suns, y nos dejan un pequeño caramelo en forma de Pop Barroco con leves influencias Psicodélicas. Quizás deberían haber arriesgado por un formato algo más largo, para no dejarnos con la miel en los labios.

“Combining neo-psyche + baroque pop influences, Corner Suns has provided us with a record to succor our minds attention. The chill wave of this self-titled record will have you gravitating towards your favorite cozy spot; keep the door ajar and others will follow suit. Don’t be surprised if visitors are lounging around while this soundtrack brings the day to a close” (Press)


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The Landseers: Wasted (Ep, 2015)

The Landseers image

“The Landseers are a  lo-fi, pastoral-post-punk supergroup formed by Nat Lyon, Pulco and Sweet Benfica. Our debut EP is out now and you can listen to the tunes”

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