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Eternal Summers: Gold and Stone (Kanine Records, 2015)

Los virginianos Eternal Summers llevan ya una trayectoria de cuatro álbumes en los que se han paseado a gusto por las olas del Pop soleado de tintes veraniegos aderezado con distorsiones y rasgos más propios del Dream-Gaze. Una banda sencilla a la que se le echa en falta, quizás, alguna canción más redonda de esas con estribillos adherentes.

“At its most vibrant, Gold and Stone recalls another recent dream-pop album with an unsettled infrastructure, A Sunny Day in Glasgow‘s Sea When Absent, especially in its embrace of interruption. Whenever things begin to feel too complacent—whenever the guitars shimmer too blissfully for too long—there’s always a shake-up on the horizon. The moody strums of opener “Unassigned” give way to shots of feedback and clatter. The plucky single “Together or Alone” cuts its chipper groove with hysteric shouts.
Though Yun usually defaults to the sweet, celestial voice of so many shoegaze singers, she’s not afraid to roll in the mud, too. On “Black Diamond” she adopts a punk sneer to shame an over-controlling lover—”If you want I could be strung up in pearls for you,” she sings, her voice raw with contempt—and she works herself into a huffy fit on the album’s fiercest rocker, “Play Dead”, another kiss-off. These heated moments are aberrations, little breaks from the Eternal Summers’ default dreaminess, but they show so much personality that it’s hard not to wish there were a few more of them. Agitation flatters this band” (Pitchfork)

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