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Pond: Man it feels like space again (Caroline, 2015)


Si hay algo malo para la carrera musical de Pond es haber estado siempre a la sombra de su banda “hermana” Tame Impala, que les ha restado reconocimiento y hasta cierto grado de popularidad a no ser a nivel más Indie.
En este ya ¡sexto! trabajo de los australianos, personalmente pienso que si los Impala han caído en picado en cuanto a su creatividad, Pond parece que han querido seguirles en esa espiral negativa, facturando un álbum en el que se dejan llevar por los medios tiempos, por las baladas estelares, por ese Rock-Espacial preñado de influencias Psicodélico-Glamourosas que personalmente, cada vez me sorprende menos.

“Pond’s previous albums changed shape with each release, the constant being a fondness for the traditional tools of rock, but Man It Feels Like Space Again leans heavier on synths and dance rhythms, a reflection of them becoming staples of summer festivals like St. Jerome’s Laneway. They’ve mostly chucked the Zeppelin/Hendrix riffs of earlier songs like “Giant Tortoise” and Justin Hawkins posturing, going softer on the glam goofiness and stonerisms and feeling less like parody as a result. They won’t be chasing Flume on Future Classic any time soon (then again, who knows? They already share a label with Cut Copy), but these tracks seem more likely to incite mass writhing than a sea of banging heads and waving lighters. Sure it’s got sneering commenters limp-lobbing potshots like “That drummer is too good for this band” on live videos as Jay Watson sticks to a basic beat, but it’s all in pursuit of that aforementioned ethos, quaint as it seems, of reaching people. If accessibility comes at the cost of satisfying the need for some to feel discerning, so be it.
But there’s still plenty recognizable here, the pedals and effects boards stacking up like the inside of a hoarders den. “Holding Out for You” is a stomping stadium rock ballad, acoustic singalong “Medicine Hat” remembers some of the stripped back tracks on Beard, Wives, Denim, and “Outside Is the Right Side” does a psych-funk strut over its refrain, straightforward enough to slip snugly into King Gizzard‘s catalog (and we’re about due for a new Gizz record; it’s been nearly three months.) That the album’s halves pivot on a track called “Heroic Shart” should tell you all you need to know about any accusations of maturing.
Members of the band have winkingly referred to their records forming a conceptual rock star career trajectory: Frond was the auspicious breakthrough, Beard, Wives, Denim their return-to-roots, and Hobo Rocket the fattened bombast of music industry fossils. The analogy breaks down with Man It Feels Like Space Again, though. That a band in the mold they’re imagining might put out an album this fun on their sixth go-round seems unimaginable. Even in their repeated defiance of having anything to prove, Pond still scramble with the passion and irreverence of underdogs” (Pitchfork)

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3 septiembre, 2015 - Posted by | Pond

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