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Landlines: Things Haven’t Been The Same (Since You Got Back From Italy) (Mt.St.Mtn., 2015)

“Where does rock n roll fit into the new world? As an enduring form of folk art continuously handed down to generations of suburban malcontents, a quietly burning flame of rebellion against conformity? Landlines aren’t sure. Like the once more typical yeoman embraced a work system that countered capitalistic trends way back in feudal times, Landlines, in their intention of pre-cellular, pre-full on atomization of western society, have reinterpreted the basic premise of homegrown, guitar driven songcraft. Never pleased to let sleeping dogs lie, this group wields through unforgiving emotional discord, while maintaining an ethos of anti defeatist sentimentality. Dustin Scharlachs worn in vision of discontent and desire weave a fabric of rock while Jheremy Grigsby and Wiley Hickson co pilot the navigation of the polarity between existential anxiety and inebriated withdrawal and acceptance. Landlines are, at heart, an American band.” – Gregory Campanile

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