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Absolutely Free: Absolutely Free (Lefse Records, 2014)

Estos canadienses que han tomado su nombre de un disco de Frank Zappa, en mi criterio han podido hacer un disco absolutamente delicioso de Pop fumado y fumable (Pop Psicodélico, para entendernos), pero según qué momentos, deciden tirar por el camino de la electrónica y es cuando desvarían hasta decir basta. Evidentemente, me quedo con la primera faceta (Striped light, Beneath the air, Window of time, My dim age) antes que con la segunda (Burred lens, Earth II, Vision´s, Spiral jetty). Además, ese cambio estilístico coincide más bien con la segunda mitad del disco, con lo que te la puedes ahorrar sin remordimientos…

“(…) Where the group’s early singles favored extended ambient intros, impulsive structural shifts, and blown-out finales, the songs on Absolutely Free tend to patiently linger on a single idea and see how it naturally evolves. Singing drummer Matt King’s vocals are also less of a driving force here; rather than lead the charge, he seems more willing to let his existential ruminations reverberate out into the cosmos. But while the band have reined in some of the volatility that made those introductory singles so exhilarating, there’s a cool consistency and newfound accessibility to Absolutely Free that makes it an easy, enchanting front-to-back listen, the songs locking together to form a smoothly contoured album arc. Even the most chaotic elements—like the spinning-radio-dial dissonance woven through the opening reverie “Window of Time”—eventually fuse into the album’s steady wavelength. That’s not to suggest Absolutely Free aren’t still shooting for the moon; they’ve simply activated the cruise control so that they can better savor the trip and enjoy the view.
These are the sort of songs that oh-so subtly build a snowball into an icy boulder: the sleigh-belled, drum-thumping pop of “Beneath the Air” and “Striped Light” initially suggest the sequel to Andorra that Caribou never made, before gradually adding layer upon layer of counter-melodies and textural disorder to shatter any ’60s-retro illusions. “Burred Lens” works itself up into a pink-smoked synthphony as engrossing as anything on The Terror; “Earth II”—presumably a nod to the 1971 sci-fi flick, not thenamesake doom-metal masterpiece—is the sort of deep-space kosmiche-rock odyssey that they’ll be blasting on the Orion in 2025 when cruising for other intelligent life in the universe.
However, the closing eight-minute epic “Spiral Jetty” suggests Absolutely Free’s newly holistic aesthetic is already being subjected to a deconstructive rethink, with a jagged drum beat that cuts through the song’s glass-dome synth sheen and seemingly liberates the band from the more conventional song structures they imposed on themselves for much of the record. After all, DD/MM/YYYY decided to break up the moment they felt their unpredictably spastic, instrument-swapping art-core attack was becoming a routine unto itself; don’t be surprised if the greater focus in effect on Absolutely Free is simply a means for the band to identify the peripheries yet to be explored” (Pitchfork)

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