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Sea Pinks: Dreaming tracks (CF Records, 2015)

Aunque no lo parezca por la frescura de su sonido, Dreaming Tracks es el cuarto álbum de Sea Pinks, una banda de Belfast que bien podría pasar por tener su base de operaciones en California: Pop florido, Retro-Pop, Pop de guitarras, Jangle-Pop… un bonito abanico de influencias y de géneros que le otorga un cierto eclecticismo a este trabajo, lo cual no le resta ni un ápice de interés.

“Two years on from the widely admired Freak Waves (Lake Superior, A Pattern Recognition), Sea Pinks return with their fourth album, and first to be recorded in a studio with full band, Dreaming Tracks. From the opening cello drone of Dream Happening to epiphanic closer Invisible Lines this a record about disorientation, ambivalence, and the overlapping of past, present and future that can happen in dream states as well as in waking life. It’s also the band’s most ambitious and accomplished record yet, a synesthetic whirl of sound and colour shot through with a rich seam of melancholy, underscored by the addition of cello on six of it’s ten songs.
The easy eclecticism hinted at on previous records comes into full flower here, with each new track distinct from the last yet flowing seamlessly into the next. Throughout the sound is warm and bright with chiming guitars, buoyant drums and languid, fluid bass interwoven with wintry cello, taking in bedsit baroque (Art Imitating Life, Waiting For You…), psych pop (Dream Happening, Meat & Drink), dreamy country (Not Belonging), nature noir (Magpies Eyes), various hybrids of all of the above, and more. Recorded at Start Together studio in Belfast, it’s the first Sea Pinks LP to feature the full band line up of Davey Agnew (drums) and Steven Henry (bass) along with founder singer/guitarist Neil Brogan and cellist Jonny Agnew” (Press)

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20 mayo, 2015 - Posted by | Sea Pinks

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